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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fiscal Loonacy

You know, I have been wondering something. When Bush was in office, all I heard was a lot of whining about how much the Iraq war was costing this country on a daily basis. And I certainly was none to happy about the first emergency stimulus package just before he left office, but this whole new spending spree just has me going practically insane. I'm losing my zen cool, if I had any to begin with. What blows my top completely off though, is that the same people who were so upset about Bush's spending are fine as long as the New Messiah is doing it. How hypocritical is that?

I am not the only one who thinks so. There are many of us who find this to be insane troll logic. As usual, Gateway Pundit is also of this view.

Of course, there seems to be a lot of hypocritical thinking on the left when it comes to the actions of their savior vs. the actions of President Bush. The MSM isn't going to point this out, because they are a big part of it. When will the insanity stop? I just want a government that works! I want a government that does it jobs without steling all I've worked for! I want a government that stays out of my daily life! I want a government who's elected officials obey and enforce the laws I must obey! It is so frustrating! UGH!

WE ARE HEADED DOWN THE WRONG PATH! THIS COUNTRY IS DYING! And, for some reason, only Michael Savage seems to have the guts to state this on his radio show.


Anonymous Deanna said...

No wonder people dont comment. your page is just offensive. I guess name calling is the "Right" way. No one called anyone a messiah. Is there something so wrong with believing the leader as voted by the people will help to improve things? Perhaps we should resort to name calling and ridiculing one who is trying to make a change. What else should he do? Carry on with Bush's policies that worked so well?

People like you, Savage and Limbaugh make me ill. Does anyone do anything right with you all? Take a hard look at your rhetoric and then figure out why you get only negativity from people.

17 February, 2009 19:16  
Blogger AirborneVet said...


1. You guys bashed Bush for eight years. If you can't take it, don't deal it in the first place.

2. You need to go back and review pages like the Huffington Post and read some stories from the MSM concerning Obama before he was elected. Yes, there were articles stating they believed he was the second coming of Christ. Check it out for yourself. I didn't come up with the phrase.

3. You don't have to read our site. Go somewhere else if you don't like it. I'm tired of everybody's BS. President Obama is not GOD and neither has any President before him been GOD. He will not solve the world's ills. None are infalliable as we have stated so many times. If he does something we actually agree with, we'll let you know. And if you bother to actually READ posts throughout this blog, you will find we didn't always agree with Bush either (as noted in this most recent post).

4. Now, unless you wish to engage in truly meaningful political discourse and outline for us the reasons why the new president is right about whatever topic, don't come back.

18 February, 2009 11:26  
Blogger Joel Jarrard said...

That's a pretty typical liberal tactic. Instead of responding to what you actually said, she just labels you "offensive," then in an attempt to discredit you, she lumps you in with a bunch of TV personalities that she assumes everyone disagrees with.

No substance, just bullshit, which is exactly how Obama got elected in the first place.

08 October, 2009 08:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10 February, 2011 23:14  

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