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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Arizona memorial battle is not going away.........

Apparently the Arizona Commission is going to review the monument H/T Mackers-world

This is a little of what macker had to report:

This in from KVOA-TV in Tucson: due to the deluge of public protest, and also from the bloggers who brought the issue to the national forefront, the Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission will meet in October to review the offending inscriptions for possible removal. This story hasn’t even hit The Rag (aka the Arizona Republic) yet. Gee I wonder why:

Its interesting to me that this whole thing got started from espressopundit...and I am struck by just HOW POWERFUL the blogosphere has become has a whole. Even the press is mentioning that conservative bloggers worldwide were up in arms about this.

So anyway, Janet Napolitano, Democrat, Arizona, was asked the following:

Asked whether she would have objected to any of the wording if she’d seen it beforehand, Napolitano demurred.
“You know what, guys, address those questions to the commission. The commission had hearings. The commission approved the memorial. Move on."

Um....cut and run Janet? Bask in the limelight, but let the heat get to be too much and you cut and run. Maybe that is why you dont want to participate with Len Munsil and Mr Nolan in the series of debates...you only wanted 3 debates, but here we are...you wanted the last one to be 3 weeks from the elections...and Munsil and Nolan called you on it. What are you afraid of Governor? That your hypocrisy and lying mouth will be left on display before you can smear your opponents? Guess what Madame Governor...start packing your bags and start collecting workers from the Home Depot..Moving day will soon be upon you.

I have been mulling all day a letter that I want to send to the Governor...I am still formulating it in my brain, but rest assured, I will post it when I finish thinking it through and send it.

So....for you Arizona voters out there, here is where I stand on voting in November

Governor: Len Munsil

Congress (CD8) - Randy Graf


201 NO
206 NO



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