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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Arizona Memorial debate picking up more press......

Form the Arizona Daily Star

NOTE: I Am going to pick this article apart because it is partisan against Munsil...Anything in bold are my comments

Munsil: Inscriptions on 9/11 memorial an insult to America
By Paul Davenport
Associated Press Writer
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.26.2006
Republican gubernatorial candidate Len Munsil said the state's recently dedicated 9/11 memorial is an insult to America because of wording either included or omitted and that Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano should tear it down.

Munsil said some memorial inscriptions on events of Sept. 11 implied "blame America" criticism, but Munsil reserved most of his fire for what he said should have been included but wasn't.

They convieniently leave out those 3 key phrases:

Phrase No. 1 -- “Let’s Roll”
Phrase No. 2 -- “United We Stand”
Phrase No. 3 -- “God Bless America"

Making it sound as if a different point of view should be added....when IN FACT it is the strongest reminders of american strength

The monument was sanctioned by the state but funded from private sources. It was dedicated Sept. 11, the five-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The 54 laser-etched inscriptions that circle the structure include many from a Sept. 11, 2001, timeline, while others trace later events. Topics range from the deployment of 216 Arizona firefighters to the World Trade Center to speculation of foreknowledge of the attacks by the CIA and FBI.

And they leave out the slaps in the face of the military. They leave out the Tonken bay quote.

The monument was "supposedly put in place to remember the losses of 9/11, an evil attack on our nation that killed thousands of innocent Americans," Munsil said. "Instead it reminds us of American failings and American mistakes, real and imagined before and after 9/11. This memorial is a tribute to moral relativism."

Right below an inscription noting that President Bush addressed the nation the evening of Sept. 11, 2001, is one stating that an unidentified terrorist leader addressed the American people in 2004, Munsil said during a rally that followed several days of critical postings by conservative bloggers regarding the memorial.
"Only in the relativistic context of left-wing protesters holding 'Bush is a terrorist' signs do such inscriptions make any sense," said Munsil, the former head of a conservative Christian advocacy group.

Ok....why did the media feel it necessary to insert that? What is their angle? HINT: It has to do with the hate the liberals show to Christians.

"It explains why despite the outpouring of public prayer and the bipartisan singing of 'God Bless America' on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, there is not a single mention of God in this memorial. It explains why there are inscriptions raising conspiracy theories, like questions about whether the U.S. knew of these attacks and didn't prevent them."

DING DING DING....they leave this in there..guess what they just highlighted?

Munsil said parts of the memorial are fine but that the structure should be torn down and replaced with one that includes the phrases "Let's roll," "United We Stand" and "God Bless America."

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH there are the quotes!!!!! Better late then never huh?

Napolitano defended the memorial as a tribute to 9/11 victims and first-responders and said some inscriptions were being taken out of context.

"I'm just sorry that they're trying to politicize 9/11. That's just wrong," she said.

Does anyone but me wonder why the press didnt ask her WHY she said this?

Billy Shields, a Phoenix firefighters union leader who headed the memorial commission, said the inscriptions were historically accurate and were drawn from history or reflected at least some Arizonans' views. The criticism itself was tardy and troubling, he said.

Reflected at least SOME Arizonans views....guess what...NOT ALL ARIZONAN OR EVEN THE MAJORITY OF ARIZONAN VIEWS. Criticism was tardy? EH...they kept this thing relatively quiet until the unveiling...the commission knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

"The families are having a tough time dealing with this attack on the memorial," Shields said.

Which families? Because the families I know that were affected by 9/11 arent having a tough time dealing with anything BUT the attack the memorial has made on them!

Several relatives of U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq attended Munsil's rally and denounced the memorial.

And that is the end of it. No expounding on the facts, no contacting the relatives of US Military personnel (Which btw would be easy considering both the Luceros and the Zurheides are WELL known in the local media)

I think a VERY telling thing that is coming from this is the acknowledgement from AP that "Munsil said during a rally that followed several days of critical postings by conservative bloggers regarding the memorial."

Are you listening Janet? THE LIBERAL PRESS IN ARIZONA ARE UNDER YOUR CONTROL BUT WE HAVE THE STRONGER VOICE!!!!!!!!! The Blogospher is MUCH more powereful than ANY news media outlet.

Vote Len Munsil in November.


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