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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Letters to the governor

Let me preface this by saying I am sickened and dismayed by the Arizona memorial to 9/11 located in downtown Phoenix. Surprisingly, I first heard about this from Flopping Aces and included a link to it in last nights what others are saying. This memorial is a slap in the face, and as I have been sitting here thinking about it I was motivated to email the governors office with the following:

Your Honor,

I was shocked and dismayed at your tacit approval of the memorial in Phoenix of the tragic events of 9/11. I was shocked to discover that you gave your nod and encouragement to this slap in the face of the people of Arizona, our military and the people of the United States of America.

Why is this memorial shaped like a crescent? Is it a tribute to the islamofascists who committed this heinous crime? One could certainly draw that conclusion based on what is inscribed in the memorial with denegrations of our military!

This memorial is a disgraceful reminder and example of the blame America first mentality that has crippled the Democratic party and is typical of the liberal mentality that has taken root since the Vietnam war.

Let me ask you Governor, if you had been our leader during Pearl Harbor, would have erected a facsimile of a japanese zero exploding into a ship with a list of apologies for disgracing the japanese because of our views on democracy and freedom? Maybe an apology and a "there there" because they sunk the battleship Arizona?

The power of the voice of the people through the blogosphere and other alternative means of media are not under your control, and there is a rising up of people who have said enough with your rubber stamp veto and anti-american attitude. I am a voter Madame Governor, and my vote in November will not be for you, it will be for the constituency that you so wholely ignore...conservatives.

Respectfully yours,

Tucson, AZ

I suspect I will not get a reply to my email, as most of her constituents who disagree with her get no reply in response to correspondence.

I swear by all that is holy and sacred that I will do my best to ouster Napolitano from office come November

God bless America


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