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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lets see what others are saying

Looks like we have a new protestwarrior being added to the family :) Congrats Jen!

Scott at Speed of Thought has a straw poll...go give your opinion!

The Radio Equalizer talks about the certain demise of Air America...poor sad sorry sons of bitches...If only they had a topic that people actually cared about. Air America is a prime example of where leftist politics are heading

The Independant Conservative talks about the village wanting to raise the child..and wouldntcha know that the leftys are upset about it?

Flopping Aces offers his opinion on Bush' speech...and what do you know..I agree with him :)

Tammy Bruce has something about PC that infuriates me...DAMMIT!!!!!

Fire and Hammer reflects on 9/11/2001 .. Got me thinking...and me thinks he is right

The Absurd Report explains the moral emptiness of the left

Josh is at it again...GOOD POST JOSH!

Awesome videos to be found at Battlecry....I love these kids!!!!!!!!!

Raven puts the call out to stand up and fight!

This has to be read to be believed! The anti-idotarian Rotweiler has some information that links up to LT Smash. AYE CARUMBA!!!!!!

Ah ... see now Durbin and McCaint...Abu Gharib wasnt so bad after all

Code red woman for troops reflects on what she was doin 9/11/2001

What were YOU doing 9/11/2001?

And because the left wants us to forget 9/11, I say we will never forget! SO.. SCREW YOU LIBERAL MOONBAT RED DIAPER DOPER BABY ASSHATS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On 9/11 I was working out in the gym when I overheard someone say that a plane just flew into the WTC. It was about 0530 AZ time and all I thought was that the pilot must have been drunk or something. It wasn't until I was at the car dealer getting my regular service that I saw the news. Since I have family in DC, I called to find out how they were and couldn't get through. I also called my unit, since, technically, I was still active duty Army. My official ETS date was 14 Sep 2001. With 3 days left to go, I was pretty sure I'd be recalled, but never was. If I had been, I would gladly have gone. I found out later I was not recalled because my VA disability investigation was not yet complete and no one knew if I was actually deployable any more. It turns out, I am not. Anyway, I'll never forget that day and no matter what anyone tries to tell you, terrorists do NOT back down. If we never invaded Afghanistan, or Iraq or if we became and isolationist country, it wouldn't matter. They'd keep coming until their goal is achieved.

14 September, 2006 04:48  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Yes, they would keep coming .. for 2 reasons

1. They hate capitalism and the wealth that we have accumulated

2. They want us to convert to Islam.

They are sick twisted pieces of crap and will never really be defeated, because after all, how do you defeat an ideal? The only thing we can do is show them that if they mess with us, they are going to get creamed. Seems to be the only thing they understand anymore

14 September, 2006 05:58  

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