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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lets see what others are saying

Havent had much time to blog, but here is what others are saying:


Rush, and CBS are in a marriage that quite frankly surprises the HELL out of me. CBS has decided to give el Rushbo 2 mins during...of all shows...CBS Evening news with the poster child of MSM liberalism Katie Couric. There are lots of dissenters to this marriage, but CBS is taking a shot that could be a MAJOR Ratings boost..we will see. The Radio Equalizer has the transcript and commentary.

Raven over at Flight Pundit talks about Right Crunch time

The Independant Conservative discusses the worlds first textbook and provides commentary on a decision to teach it in public schools. One can ONLY IMAGINE the horror on the faces of the ACLU pantywaist lawyers as they hear about this. Wonder how long it will take for the lawsuit to be filed and issues raised. Its an elective..not required..although in a lot of school districts being Muslim for a day is still required for "tolerance" training.

Flopping Aces talks about ABC bowing at the alter of liberal god and head mullah Clinton. Turns out ole Billy boy is not happy that some truth is going to leak that he actually F**KED up taking out OBL. I for one will be watching the series in its entirety.

Hey...did you know that Cindy Shamehan is a wannabe baby killer? NO KIDDING! Read it for yourself over at Tammy Bruce.

A newly added daily read is Fire & Hammer. This is one faithful man, I Like his daily devotions.

“The dangers of a concentration of all power in the general government of a confederacy so vast as ours are too obvious to be disregarded.” —Franklin Pierce HT to The Abusrd Report.

Another new read. Hey, WHO LET THE DOGS OUT??

Josh over at Generation R is returning some of that linky love that us bloggers have come to rely on. Thanks Josh!

If you cant run with the big dogs, stay the hell on the porch. Another good read!


Lt Brian G Ahearn, brought to us by Bookworm Room.

Mikes America asks the poignant question, "Imagine how much more effective we could be in winning this war and protecting the American people if Democrats were more interested in working with US than they are in regaining political power?"

More Insanity from the ACLU, they are STILL trying to protect the .. ahem .. "rights" of pedophiles. Stop the ACLU reports on a victory against them!

The Nasrallah Personal injury attornies are standing by for you! Click the video.

Janet Bohlander Alonso from American and proud of it.

This Saturday the 9th there will be a Japanese documentary crew at the main gats of Davis Monthan AFB. They are there to film the troop supporters in action, apparently the Japanese people are all for the war on terror and give unabashed support to the brave men and woman who fight for our..their..freedoms. Come join us 0800-1000 at the Craycroft gates.



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Thanks for the linky...at FP and ARS.

08 September, 2006 19:33  

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