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Monday, September 18, 2006

Bin Laden loves lefties

This morning I am driving to my first job of the day for work (I am in the field, I LOVE it...lots of independance) Anyway, I have to take a detour for some road construction and go out of my way to get back on the street I needed to be on. Making a left turn onto that street, I saw a woman across the way holding a sign, one side said "No War" and the other said "No blood for oil" I pulled into a parking lot across the street and made a phone call to my friend ... I tell her about this moonbat and she says, oh yeah...shes out there again huh? That is Gretchen, she was out there last week, some other people saw her and joined her.

I told my friend that if she brought some flags and signs, I would hang around til Gretchen left, she said u betcha, hung up the phone and 15 mins later was on scene. Gretchen, however; was packing it in. The whole time I stood across the street she got MAYBE 3 honks of approval for her signs. My friend and I decided that we would go over there and stand where Gretchen could see us and hold up our signs. We hadnt even begun to cross the street when the honks and shouts of approval started...4 honks before we even made it to the other side...welp...so much for Gretchens "majority"

Arriving on the sidewalk, my friend and I spread out so that Gretchen could see us and flags from whichever side she looked, she was talking to a man who had been there with her for the last 5 mins and she begun pointing at us and got a really UGLY look on her face...so much for her peace and harmony.

My friend made a point to hold her sign that says "Bin Laden Loves Lefties" towards Gretchen who looked at it with disgust and continued talking to her fellow loonie.

Honks and waves were plenty for us...I lost count at 30 within 5 mins. The clincher of this and the support is that we were NOWHERE near the base and were out in the outskirts of Tucson. Heh...I think that proves something...dont you?

As Gretchen backed out of her parking spot my friend yelled over, "You will NOT go unanswered" and she just stared at us, contempt in her eyes. I yelled out "Come on Gretchen, give us a honk for the troops who give you your rights" Still nothing, except a surprised look that I knew her name. As she pulled away, pretty pissed off, I yelled out, "1.3 MILLION VOLUNTEERS TO KEEP AMERICA FREE!!!!!!!!"

My friend and I stuck around for a few minutes, packed up and went back to our cars. She gave me a flag and a sign to keep in case I ran across the loonies again and I went on my way.....satisfied that we had made our point.

It was SUCH a good day!!!!!!!!! :)


Anonymous wayne said...

Saturday's recent rally is now posted at Free Republic.

19 September, 2006 13:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay!! Now we just have to do something down here in Bisbee, on a Friday night when the Women in Black are out protesting.

20 September, 2006 16:29  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Well airborne.....you could spread the word around where you live...oh wait, your surrounded by moonbat liberals....then you could throw some advertising out on the local bb's...oh wait, there are nothing but liberals in that area....well.....

Hmmm...I am out of suggestions..lol

Wish I could get down there regularly, bit of a drive, but if you are willing to garner some support down there, I will make my presence known...maybe submit an official operation on PW and lets see if we can get it going.

21 September, 2006 06:12  

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