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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Warning...Graphic language and content ahead

Ok...so I just got through viewing this video on youtube WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT The video deals with the execution of Hatefeh...a 16 you Iranian girl who was accused of "Crimes of chastity" If you watch the full 48 minute video you will see the circumstances leading up to this and see its devastating effects on the people left to wondery why.

The Iranian government under Isalamic law forbids a girl from having sex outside marriage at ALL..including Rape. If they are raped, its a crime of chastity and they are executed. This my friends, is straight the fuck up BULLSHIT and I am PISSED. These mullahs make it a total mans world by suppressing and holding back woman. But wait..it gets better.

The age of consent in Iran..and marriage is 9 years old. Let me repeat that 9 YEARS OLD. From what I can gleen, this is the age of the prophet Mohammeds wife. Ahem......FUCKING PEDOPHILE PIGS.

All of this is sanctioned under the guise of religion, FANATICAL religion. I want know, where is the outrage from the left about this? I realise this case is 2 years old, but we still havent head much, if anything, from the left on this.

Instead we hear things like what I saw posted on a website recently, "There are millions of Radical Fundamentalist Christians who hate America and Americans. They want to end our lives and our way of life and will do anything to accomplish these goals. They don’t want to communicate with us or convert us they just want us dead." This was in response to a posting about the Islamofascists. SO instead of dealing with the issue like they should, they instead redirect their hatred towards Christianity.

This all comes around to a case pending right now in Iran. The case involves a girl named Malak Ghorbany who is to be stoned to death for "Adultery" Read the following letter:
Dear friends,

Once again, another Iranian woman has been sentenced to death by the barbaric practice of public stoning. On June 28, 2006, a court in the northwestern Iranian city of Urmia sentenced Malak Ghorbany to death for committing "adultery." Under Iran's Penal Code, the term "adultery" is used to describe any intimate or sexual act between a man and a girl/woman who are not married. The crime of adultery is also used in cases where a girl is deemed to have committed "acts incompatible with chastity," which includes instances of rape. The punishment for "adultery" is death.

On the day of her punishment, the woman's hands are tied behind her back as she becomes covered from head to toe in winding sheets and is placed seated in a pit. The pit is then filled up to her chest with dirt and the dirt is tamped down. At that point, members of the community are invited to murder her by hurling rocks at her. However, to ensure that the condemned woman/girl receives the absolute maximum amount of pain and torture, the Iranian government has even mandated the size of the stones that are to be used in this barbaric act of public execution. By law, the stones must not be too small as to prevent ultimate death, nor must they be too large that they could cause the girl's death "too soon."

The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights of Iranian Kurdistan has issued a statement to save the life of Malak Ghorbany, and I have initiated a petition, directed to members of the United Nations, Amnesty International, the ruling clerics in Iran, and various other organizations and entities around the world to oppose Malak's barbaric sentence. I need you to help me save Malak's life, as we did with the 17 year old Nazanin, by signing this petition and raising as much awareness as possible to her case. Without significant international pressure and expressions of outrage at the atrocities committed by the Isalmic regime, Iranians will continue to be subjected to medieval practices that violate the most basic rights of humans.

I thank you for your support, friendship, and kindness, and I look forward to a day when no woman is abused, tortured, or murdered simply because of her gender.


Lily Mazahery

The direct link to Saving Malak's Life is:


I encourage you to go to this website and help by following the advice written on the bottom of the page.

These Mullahs MUST be taken out, in rapid fashion. While Ahmadinijad thumbs his nose at the world and the UN sits with its collective thumbs up their butts doing nothing, people, innocent woman and girls, are losing their lives.

Stand up and do something about it!!


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