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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Blamemorial......more information

HT To Ace of Spades HQ

I didnt know this, but apparently there is a correlation between the number of letters on the blamemorial and the number of victims of 9/11. The commission wanted to add 19 more characters to represent the 19 highjacker mullahs who commited this atrocity. Now we know for sure where the politics of the commission is at.

And its being defended by them! Paul Eppinger defended it all! What a dope!

Ace of Spades gives a HT to Len Munsil, but I need to correct him....Len Munsil decried the blamemorial shortly after it was unveiled in a public rally.

Hot Air has video and commentary as well.

We need to bring back the sedition act. This is getting old and tiresome.


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