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Friday, October 06, 2006

Fun with moonbats ... My perspective

I am forgoing this weeks edition of lets see what others are saying, everyone is talking about the one thing I said I wasnt going to talk about because we need to maintain our focus on the issues........Not some sick pedophile who belongs in jail. Instead I want to turn my attention to the protest/rally/conter-protest that I attended yesterday October 5, 2006.

I arrived promptly at 3 pm to help setup our side, I ran into an acquaintance who is also a counter-protestor, and parked near him, grabbing my american flag and my sign, we walked over to the protest site, in front of the Federal building in downtown Tucson. Others were just arriving and beginning to setup as well as my partner and I walked around the corner, I gave him my honk to support the troops sign as I unfurled old glory and patrolled the sidewalk. As people passed by I was very cordial, addressing them with a bright and cheery good afternoon, sir/ma'am, ladies, gentleman. As more counter-protestors showed up the honks were a plenty for us as we supported our troops.

Arriving on scene was a lieutenant with ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) He stood there with a semi-puzzled look on his face wondering why we were out there, and not the usual protestors who have occupied that very spot Thursday evenings for several years (We have not counter-protested them as their message is weak and we have no time for such foolishness...besides they usually show up at 5 pm and are gone by 6, most of us are still working at that time) I made it a point to walk up to this federal officer and explain that there was going to be a huge rally and protest there this evening, who was sponsoring it, and who we were. He then said ok, but the look in his eye was one of pure joy...he had seen us at the recruiting center Wednesday mornings and also the front gates of Davis Monthan AFB every 2nd and 4th Saturday. He mentioned he was in the army for a number of years serving tours in Vietnam and Gulf War I. He also said that he was at the World Trade Center in 1993 when the first attempt by Islamo Fascists failed to bring the towers down. It was shortly after that he moved to Arizona to work in the Federal Building. He couldnt come right out and say it, but you could see it, he was glad we were there.

Arriving as my conversation drew to a close was Mike Lucero, proud father of Lance Cpl Joshua Lucero who was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb in 2004, and his family. I greeted him and he told me that earlier in the day Wayne from American Protest.net was at the rally in the UofA mall and had been attacked. Mike was in no mood to take crap, so he very wisely staked a corner and announced that it was his. I smiled, patted him on the back and told him he was a good man, that I was there with him and turned to walk back down the sidewalk.

As if on cue Wayne arrives and is immediately surrounded and asked what happened, I am busy talking to some Tucson Police officers who are on scene so I didnt hear it. Wayne walks down the sidewalk and sets up with his flyers and signs at the corner. I stroll down there and he is handing out his small slips of paper that include links to various websites. He hands one to a federal employee who had come out of the building and the man looks at it, then stuffs it in his pocket...Wayne must have been in a mood because when the man did this Wayne said, "well thanks for taking it anyway." The man calls Wayne an asshole and says F**k Bush and I started in on him, points I made...he had Bush to thank for his paycheck and the fact that he still has a job, his family should be thanking Bush as well, Bush is his boss..he stood there shell shocked and unable to answer and as he crossed the street I told him to have a good evening and thank you for serving the people of the United States by working in Federal Services. Wayne grew tired of standing there so he moved up the sidewalk.

Cue the World Cant Wait organisers. Who parked in a spot that said, "Government plated vehicles only" Nice way to start the day.

As they unloaded their pickup truck, the man kept looking up at us and scowling, we offered a good afternoon and a smile. After unloading all their signs, the pickup truck pulled away and a sullen faced tatooed man began to put a sign up on the fence surrounding the federal building that read, "Drive out the Bush regime" I am not sure .. cough cough .. how the federal police found out about this but suddenly..ahem..the Lt comes around the corner and tells the man in no uncertain terms that they are not permitted to hang anything from the fence. A defeated organiser sullenly removed the banner as more liberals showed up.

Cue the brave men and woman of Tucson PD who arrived on the southern edge of where we had established our line and sat back to keep the peace. They maintained a low profile until some moonbats started shouting angrily at us and they quickly stepped in to act as a physical barrier between us and them....with their line established by their own stupidity, we stepped back in respect of the police to allow the shouts to die down.

This is where it gets fun.

Cue a family who claimed at the earlier rally to be bombed out of their home in Lebanon, their story can be found on todays edition of the UofA Wildcat They arrived angrily and venomously. The younger woman, who according to the Wildcat is named Sowid, and her brother, Ali and their mother .. Sarah .. immediately started calling us racists and nazis and angrily shouted at us. The little one, Ali, was ready for a fight, his stance and everything proved that, using typical liberal tactics, he accused of one of our members, who looked him straight in the eye the entire time, of winking at his sister, he took a step towards him and the police casually walked into it, with their backs to us. Nothing needed to be said, he backed down. Meantime, mom and daughter are on a tyrade in my face, I calmly countered their points and as daughter got herself worked up, mom pulled her and said, "Shes a minor dont talk to her" I looked mom straight in the eye and asked her to keep her children on their leash.

As the numbers grew on the liberal side, their megaphone came out, and Stephanie Woods promptly began reading from a script. This prompted me to begin yelling SHES LYING......LOOK SHE IS READING FROM A SCRIPT, SHE CANT EVEN THINK OF ANYTHING OFF THE TOP OF HER HEAD...WE HAVE BEEN HEARING THIS FOR 6 YEARS..WHERE IS THE PROOF??? Somehow...I drowned out their megaphone, the acoustics were great in the spot I had. As Traffic came out of downtown and towards the freeway, people incredulously looked on at the scene unfolding before them. As I yelled and drowned out their rhetoric, people in cars were applauding me.

Wow...this is getting long...lots to say though, so hang with me here!

Walking back up the sidewalk towards Mike, more protestors were showing up and tried to mix in with us with their signs...as they tried to move to the curb, I calmly walked beside them with my flag blocking their rhetoric. I didnt acknowledge them, I just calmly walked them to where their side was.

There were 2 younger men who came up to Wayne and asked him for information, I looked them straight in the eye and thanked them for wanting to hear the other side and IF they formed the opinion that Bush was hitler like the world cant wait bozos claimed, then I had a deep respect for them because they made that decision after hearing all viewpoints...they were genuinely suprised by this..guess they thought that our side couldnt respect anyones views other than our own, but then, that is the liberals stance...not ours.

I need to eat dinner, I will update more in a little bit....more to come including Tokyo Rose reincarnated, anarchists arriving to start trouble and rain making for a diversionary tactic from the left.


As the evening wore on there was more shouting from the young lady mentioned before. What amazes me about this girls story is that she has red hair and green eyes, mom has red hair and green eyes, and son has brown hair and green eyes, yet the claimed to me that they were Sunni Muslims from Iraq then changed their story that they were bombed out of their homes in Lebanon...ahem...get your story straight. Anyway, the girl goes on a rant holding up a picture which the liberals have used for years depicting a child with burns on his face and body, supposedly from a US Air strike in Iraq...or Afghanistan...or from the Israel Lebanon conflict...depends on their needs at the time. Anyway she goes on an anti-american tyrade and stood with my back to her, when she finished I yelled out while pointing to her, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, TOKYO ROSE HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!! This drew laughter from our side, and even a cop couldnt help stifle a chuckle.

As I stood there, I heard someone yelling to get my attention...I was wearing my infidel shirt, but I didnt want to give them more of my attention than they deserved so I ignored it, I heard something about "thats my flag" blah blah blah. Someone from our side gave him attention and then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned and a bearded beatnick was yelling at me....the megaphone started in and I couldnt hear what he was saying so I motioned for him to step closer, he must have taken this as a challenge because he squared himself up and someone reminded me that the corner of the flag I was holding had touched the ground. I immediately raised it up, and saluted him mouthing sorry about that, he is right and thank you for your service (He was wearing a vietnam veteran pin) and turned back to the street.

The rain started up and our signs were quickly collected for a trip to shelter so they wouldnt get ruined and the left took this as an opportunity to begin a mini march..30 or so of them started walking up the other side of the street led by the organisers, this led Tucson PD to start wrapping up. As I watched the Zurheides and Luceros go across the street to apply some pressure on a few moonbats with signs in front of the Hotel Arizona the police were standing near me. I told them that the march will circle around and come back, and there will be agitators with them when they do. I was virtually ignored and TPD wrapped up and left.

30 minutes later, true to my word, they returned. I was standing near a federal police officer, pointed up the street and said here they come, see the guys in front with the masks? They are trouble makers.

We all assumed our positions on the curb, a call went out to turn our backs on them and when they got close to us one of the anarchists screamed out, "later pussy, your mine" Pointing to one of our guys.

When they got back to their side the rhetoric started all over again and we mingled into their ranks and started discussions. The anarchists, in all fairness were actually very calm and reasonable with their position so we returned the respect with reasonable counter points.

There was more, but that is my perspective for now. Wayne has posted a column on his perspective of the day at his site and will post another update in a week.

We are not sure who was taking pictures...so we will have to gather them and I will post them when they come available.

Mission success.

The right has spoken, and countered the left wing lies with truth.

UPDATE 10/7/06

Airborne Vet reports on her experience in Bisbee here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coverage of the Bisbee protesters is on my blog. Hope you like it. It was very uneventful.

07 October, 2006 08:09  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Here's the Free Republic report including yours repeated: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1715515/posts

07 October, 2006 12:52  

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