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Thursday, October 05, 2006

World cant wait counterprotest....summary

Wow.....what a day.

Summary (details tomorrow)

Protestwarrior attacked by "peaceful" left. He is ok.

5/8 of the sidewalk ours, lots of breathing room, left packed into one corner like sardines. We got there first and staked out our territory.

Tokyo Rose reincarnated made her presence known with angry mom and brother ready to fight, when asked "Whats it like to be angry all the time?" They cant respond...angered further by bible verses...Tokyo Rose was our favorite target for the night.

Several protestors (25?) Leave on a march, sidewalk empties, something doesnt feel right. I tell TPD the protestors will be back in about an hour..typical tactic. TPD leaves after 20 mins. Protesters return 30 mins after that.

Anarchists amongst their ranks but dont take action.....Zurheides and Luceros (Powerful people...son, daughter etc) intimidate them into submission.

Mission closed as success...we meant to keep them away from in front of the Federal building and keep them away we did.

More details tomorrow...several media outlets present. Film at 11


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