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Monday, October 09, 2006

The line that was drawn by their own stupidity....notice how they are packed into one corner of the sidewalk? They were so angry that all we had to do was maintain a small presence at the line to keep them worked up so the police wouldnt let them get any further

The woman in black with the yellow sticker on her shirt is the mom of the 2 kids who were ready to go to town upon arrival. So much hate! And then they couldnt decide if they had been bombed out of their home in Lebanon by the IDF or if they were Sunni Muslims .. The dirty hippy in the background with the beard is a bum from downtown who frequently bums change off of people...he changed his shirt when the organisers got there. The kid to the left of the green sign with the black shirt on was ready to square off with a seasoned Marine right in front of the cops, his mom is the one in the black shirt. I asked her nicely to please keep her children on their leashes

This is the REST of the sidewalk that we had after the moonbats by their own stupidity drew their line. Notice the elbow and breathing room? :)
The guy in the foreground with the black shirt that says infidel holding the american flag?? Thats me :)

Disdain shown by us for the UN.


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