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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Napolitano at it again

Flopping Aces has been keeping track of the progress of the blamemorial in Phoenix.

He reports that a group of families have come together to form a non-profit group whose goal is to raise money to fix the memorial. Here is the article from Azcentral, bold type are my comments:

A group of Arizona families who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks want Gov. Janet Napolitano to call a special legislative session to change the Arizona 9/11 Memorial.

THAT is a smashing idea, and I like it

Many of them on Monday formed a non-profit group, Arizona Honors 9/11, with plans to raise money to pay to revise the monument on their own. They also are requesting Napolitano to replace the current Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission.

Hear hear...all the current commission is really going to do is argue about the context ad nauseum

"In a state where there are so many active and retired military (personnel), tell me how a phrase like 'Erroneous U.S. airstrike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians' is honorable," said Michael McAvoy, referring to one of the 54 etchings on the monument. McAvoy's brother, John, and a friend died in the World Trade Towers during the attack.


The privately funded memorial, located on the Capitol Mall, was the result of nearly four years of planning and hearings that sought input from the public. Len Munsil, Republican candidate for governor, said last week that if elected, he would tear the structure down because of messages he considers objectionable.

I never heard the call to go out for input, and I stay on top of the news. They kept this low key and quiet for a reason...they KNEW what they were doing. Munsil is taken out of context on this quote, and I see the reason for it...its their spin. What Munsil said was to the effect that he was going to fix it so it doesnt insult the memory of those who died.

A spokeswoman for Napolitano said Monday that the governor doesn't plan to call a special session to consider changing the memorial.

FIGURES.......SHE NEVER listens to her constituency.

"Calling a special session over this issue would do nothing but take what's already become a political circus and make it worse," said spokeswoman Jeanine L'Ecuyer.

Uh huh....avoid the issue...The political circus was started by THEM..but they dont see it, its that mental disorder thing going for them. Napolitano realises that if this is made an issue, it could be a bomb going off destroying her campaign...but not to worry...Musil isnt letting it go:

From the Arizona Daily Star:

Napolitano, Munsil spar over 9/11 Memorial
By Paul Davenport
The Associated Press
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 10.06.2006

TEMPE — Republican gubernatorial nominee Len Munsil used a televised debate Thursday evening to renew his criticism of the state 9/11 Memorial and attack Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano as "out of the mainstream."

GO LEN GO!!!!!!!

On other matters, Munsil said Napolitano hasn't done enough to combat illegal immigration and problems it causes for Arizonans, while she defended her record on that front and said he lacks experience to be governor.

He is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! She said in a radio interview 2 years ago on KNST 790AM that the immigration issue wasnt important to the people...How I wish I could get copy of the audio of that.

Napolitano's endorsement of a state-commissioned memorial in Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in Phoenix despite a gubernatorial commission's inclusion of some inscriptions attacked by Munsil and other critics as anti-American shows she's out of touch with the "core values" of most Arizonans, Munsil said during the debate in an Arizona State University television studio.

Its true...Most Arizonans are CONSERVATIVE and support our government and the people who defend our values. The liberals in this state are mostly transient due to the high quality Universities Arizona proudly touts! Give them 4 years, and the liberals will be gone to other states, few remain behind.

"Core values matter here, and we have a governor that embraced that memorial," said Munsil, an attorney and former head of a conservative advocacy group. "We have a governor that has demonstrated herself out of the mainstream."


Napolitano defended the memorial but noted that the commission appointed by her and her predecessor, Republican Jane Hull, plans to review the inscriptions after the election for possible changes.

IF you win Governor....the polls show you are ahead, but dont let that give you complacence.....as the debates go on, your approval rating will dwindle. Of course...I dont give much credence to polls anyway, all it would take is for the poll to be conducted in a town like Bisbee for ALL the results to be skewed for Napolitano.

"I embraced the memorial but we do no honor to the victims by injecting this in the middle of a gubernatorial campaign," she said. "The memorial was well-intentioned and the design overall is a very good design."

That and 4 dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks Governor, however well intentioned your beloved blamemorial was, it fell FAR short of being an object for Arizonans to be proud of. And notice how she uses past tense, dollars to donuts her political spin machine will eventually come around to her having a sudden epiphany and she will get tough on it....her record speaks for itself people...dont be misled.

Asked by the debate moderator, Michael Grant of KAET-TV, whether she'd encourage the commission to make changes, Napolitano demurred.

"Not at this time, no," she said. "I encourage the commission to go at it with an open mind. There are open with very different views at this point."

Translation, "Not at this time, unless I am sure it will work for me politcally, in which case I will feign that I am concerned blah blah blah"

Libertarian Barry Hess, the third candidate on the Nov. 7 ballot, said he was disappointed that the memorial had become an issue in the race.

Hess said some of the criticized inscriptions are unsuitable if the monument is intended solely to honor victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and their families but appropriate if there's a broader, educational purpose.

"As governor, I would keep my hands off," Hess said.

Welp.....there goes any swing votes he may have had

Napolitano responded to Munsil's criticisms but tried to present a positive tone by citing successes during her first term in education and other areas and saying that the campaign "is about the future."

A future which you are ruining for us Governor. How can you be proud of your record on education which since you have become Governor, we are in last place in the Nation on. HELL even ALABAMA has better education than we do. (No offense to Alabama....but you get the point)

Step down Governor, admit you were wrong, admit there are problems with how you conducted yourself, promise to do better, then go back to being yourself...its how you work...stick to that platform so the people of Arizona can see your 2 faced rubber veto stamping hypocrisy.


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