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Sunday, February 11, 2007

We honor Spec McPeek

Saturday began a bright and sunny day, a day filled with hope and promise, as I motored my way towards the support our troops rally at the front gates of Davis Monthan, I was contemplating the day that lay ahead...and the sad but necessary duty we were to perform to honor an American hero, Army Specialist Alan McPeek.

The gates to Davis Monthan were festooned with the usual decorations and declarations of support for our troops.

It was an uplifting time that we used to strengthen us for the sad task ahead of us.

We wrapped things up early to head over to Evergreen Cemetery here in Tucson to ready the decorations and setup to honor our fallen hero.

The setup was done in a dignified fashion, with attention paid to detail, the American rememberances were spaced evenly and placed with love and attention.

We stood on each side of the road, with American flags, Army flags, flags representing all services and we were at attention as the motorcade arrived. Pima County Sherriff had 3 officers on site at the entrance, and they stood at parade rest as the procession made its way past us. For our part, we held our flags and placed our right hands over our hearts to honor the hero. Leading the way was the hearse carrying the flag draped coffin of our beloved hero, and the attendants in it were solemn as they made their way past our position, as the hearse slowly drove by I was hit with tears that didnt stop until after the last car had made its way past. Next in line was the limousine carrying the family. Then, the patriot guard, some 50 strong entered...solemn faces filed past us with reverance with a few nodding and mouthing thank you as they went.

Then a string of cars came in, some 150 strong (estimated) each one filled with people who had loved and known this fallen hero, and suffering the same mourning that filled each and every heart that day. Cars filled with men, woman, white, black, hispanic, asian, children, adults, senior citizens....all looking around and taking it all in, some burst into tears as they saw the flags, others just looked straight ahead, some waved to thank us, but we stood solemn.

After the last car had filed past, noone moved...there was a stillness that couldnt be explained...just felt, as I lowered my hand from my heart I surveyed the others in our group...and not a dry eye was to be found. Noone wanted to leave their position, we all just wanted to let it sink in. We were moved and touched by the whole experience, a box of tissues was produced and passed around. People started talking...for my part, I just stood to one side and let the powerfullness of what just happened wash over me. The plan was made to stay until the family left...I never made it that long, I had some business to attend to, but I stayed to hear the 21 gun salute and taps played.

I drove away with tears in my eyes. Nothing could have prepared me for the impact that day had on me, and the renewal of my vow to let all service men and woman know that they are loved, they are cherished, and they are honored as American heros in my heart and mind.

May God bless the United States of America and all people of the world. Amen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm crying now.

12 February, 2007 07:55  
Blogger Maggie45 said...

You all were a beautiful sight as we pulled into the driveway. I was one of those mouthing "thank you", and in my mind I'm saying "I know these wonderful people!". We had about 75 bikes and 12 vehicles. General Fast asked us to be part of the ceremony, and I had the honor of presenting a mission pin to Spc McPeek's mother, Rose. It was indeed a fitting service and tribute to an American Hero, and we are honored that this great American family allowed us to be part of it.

15 February, 2007 11:29  

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