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Thursday, March 20, 2008


This picture was taken an hour ago. The spread of the fire is now much wider and lower on the hill. Will update with new photos when possible. Might need to pack...

Attention All,

I thought this was the best way to get out the news that I might be evacuating a short time from now. A fire was started this morning on Moon Canyon by a man burning his trash. It has since moved along the mountain top and is now directly across from my house. It remained on the ridge top for several hours and is now moving down the hill toward the street. I live across the street and up on the next hill. The fire seems to also have been continuing to move N/NW of town and completely bordering Bisbee. No one has officially come by to tell us to evacuate, but I will when I feel it is truly necessary. Unfortunately, due to recent developments, it may be soon. There is not much on the news about it at this time.

UPDATE: KVOA Channel 4 out of Tucson just called me to let me know the Bisbee Fire Chief will be on the news soon and should have more on the developments. They are aware that the fire has moved into Old Bisbee.

UPDATE 2: The fire has reached over 200 acres and has spread to encompass the entire border behind Bisbee. It has begun to move down the Gulch into the downtown area. We do now see some people fighting the fire on the hillside, but they appear to be civilians. There was a fire truck on High Road, but it is now gone. This is going to be a long night. Please also check my other site at Live Journal.


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