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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yep....I havent been posting

As some of you (ahem) may have noticed, this blog has pretty much died. Just for an update to those who know me, I got married on February 18th and have been really busy being the family man. I have absolutely ZERO time to blog unless I slack off from work and hit the laptop in my van...this is almost impossible to do as the boss has been really pushing the team.

So....I can say with 98% certainty that I most likely wont be posting again..sure there will be the occasional post or 2, but those will be few and far between. Too bad to, this Presidential race really has my radar up and going.

I want to thank Airborne Vet, she has been doing a great job of posting here with interesting stuff. I want to extend to her the invitation to continue doing so. Its her stuff that is keeping me from deleting the blog entirely.

Folks, God bless all of you. For those who prayed for me in the past with my personal issues, I want to let you know your prayers helped and were answered. I want to especially thank Fire and Hammer for his support and encouragement.

God bless America, and God bless our troops



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damnit, Man! I got rid of my blog because I couldn't keep it up and now you expect me to take yours over??? Ha! My posting won't be very often and I don't have the energy to put in any good amount of research on topics I truly care about, so unless anyone has any ideas, I'm going to have to say....
Give it a fews weeks to let everyone know you're deleting this blog, and then delete it.
Hate to see you go, Dude.
Hugs and kisses from the peanut gallery.

04 March, 2008 21:28  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

I didnt ask you to take it over, just to occasionally post like you have been doing..lol

God love ya

05 March, 2008 09:58  
Blogger Leo Pusateri said...

I, for one, will certainly miss reading your screeds...

Please consider returning at your earliest possible convenience...

Remember, the blogging mistress will not rest until she again has some attention ;-)

13 March, 2008 21:04  
Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

Bollocks!!!!!!!!!! MAKE TIME!!!

19 March, 2008 13:34  

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