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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ok...so this is old .. But

I was reading The Drudge Report today and ran across a link to a video on a student protest somewhere over something or other (Ok, my brain is fried from work today, sue me)

That led me to start researching videos on youtube and found an interesting one that I want you to look at, then I look at my comments:

Ok, this CAREFULLY edited video shows students doing their "civic duty" in protesting the war by walking out on classes and having a good old fashioned loving sit in. And in this video, they are up in front of the school board WHINING because they will get suspended or expelled.

I want to focus on one particular speaker who got my attention. Her speech begins at time mark 4:32 and continues through to the end. Lets take a look at some of what she had to say, shall we?

"On November 1st he and his classmates had the courage and valor to stand up for something they believe in"

Good on them!

"They see their families suffering from a recession that is affecting everyone"

Um Excuse me? I am not suffering from a recession. How many of you are?

"They took a peaceful demonstration by singing Kumbiyah (SP?) Give peace a chance, and we shall overcome"

Kudos to them, but hasnt anyone told them that its not original? Where did they learn all this? Wait for it...its coming.

"The actions of the board is criminalising youth. You are misleading when you say they were given opportunities and not taking those opportunities to leave. We have several witnesses and affidavits that assert that fact. We have adults and certain people at your school who say that they did. They moved their demonstration from outside when they were assured by your administration that they would not have any consequences if they did so. And they complied."

Ah, good for them, they complied. But lets just gloss over the fact that they left school when they knew they were not supposed to (This part goes without saying, you know?)....Lets continue, shall we?

"Preferential treatment, is not the American way"

No ... it isnt the moral way, but guess what toots...it happens, and there is nothing you can do about. However, I refer you to our Declaration of Independence, you know that little document that you so convieniently forget about which is a guarantee from our government? It says that ALL MEN ARE CREATED Equal.....What exactly is she saying here? WAIT FOR IT, ITS COMING!!

"These kids model in the great peaceful manner of such people as Martin Luther King, Cesar Chaves and (unintelligible due to applause)"

Thats great...just great! But I am sorry, when did these people ever model that high school students should walk off campus to protest something? She implies earlier in the video that the children have rights and they dont feel like they do. Yes, they have rights....They can protest all their little hearts desire...OFF OF SCHOOL CAMPUS AND AFTER SCHOOL HOURS. During school hours, they are expected to be in class, like the law says they must be. But why is she bringing up these great leaders of reform? WAIT FOR IT....

"I say this because I am an educator myself. And I work in politics and community activism"

UH OH .. there it is. She is just another left wing educator who is behind students who flaunt rules, good common sense and moral decency in defying the law and walking out of class and off campus into a demonstration. KNOWING FULL WELL THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE ACTIONS!

Sorry, if you protest ... and you know its against the law ... before you do it ... then dont cry when there are consequences for your actions. Martin Luther King and Cesar Chaves KNOWINGLY faced arrest and harassment for their actions, and they didnt cry when it happened to them. I have no sympathy for them except that they have listless parents who are teaching them to break the law.

The only injustice in this video is that the parents of the students werent arrested.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a parent, if my child skipped school to protest I would do 2 things, (1) say, "Good for you! Did you learn anything from this civic experience?" and (2) ground them until they understand the importance of school.
When the kids in Tucson skipped school to protest US immigration law, it was widely known over 90% of them did it just to get out of school. (They bragged about it on their My Space pages.)That's why most kids do it. They truly have no concept of any real issues affecting the world.

17 January, 2008 20:07  

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