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Thursday, November 06, 2008

One conservatives view of the world........

American and Proud puts it nicely what the next 4 years will be like:

Guess home many times we will hear these phrases from the NEW president:

I could not do what I had wanted to because of the previous administration.

I did (INSERT CONSERVATIVE ACTION HERE) because of the previous administration.

I will be doing (Insert LIBERAL ACTION HERE) as soon as I remove the problems created by the previous administration.

Guess right and you get…. Well I can’t afford anything I fully expect to be broke by this time next year.

Some things Bush did well (Not that anyone gives a shit)

Bush had the most DIVERSE cabinet EVER (Look what it got him)

BUSH kept our country safe from terrorism for 7+ years. (Not that anyone notices)

BUSH’s time in office saw more home ownership and more MILLIONAIRES Created than anytime in history. (Not that all of them are STILL Rich and look how that helped him in the media)

BUSH Nominated a couple of GOOD SCOTUS Judges (Not that he gets much credit)

Other than those things I draw a blank.. and I am sure the list of BAD things will be huge but I think the guy truly did what he thought was best. I for one thank GWB for his service to his country even though I didn’t agree with everything he did. HE SERVED.

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Bush did a lot of good for this country. Yes, there was his whole illegal alien crap and giving into the amnesty first crowd, but hell, Reagen had to as well to get anything done.

The American people have made a HUGE mistake electing Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, and it will show soon after he is in office.

And folks like us will be sitting in the background saying we tried to warn you.

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Blogger Bushwack said...

The first shot was fired when Obama placed Rahm Emanuel in the chief of staff post...The guy was the director of FREDDIE MAC During the scandal...

08 November, 2008 12:07  

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