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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big bang goes pop

Looks like yesterday wasnt the success that the commie organisation international answer had hoped for.

Here in Tucson, the expected crowds just failed to materialise. Official estimates say "a couple hundred" compared to the march last time which drew thousands.

Shall we prostelitise as to why people failed to come?

My theory is that doing something like this is a slap in the face of every american in trying to take people who are criminals, and showing they have economic power, so therefore, are entitled to stay here.

What is REALLY funny about that is its premise, after all, its everything the left is against...ie money rules the day. Damn leftists can't even help being their own hypocrites.

Lets take a look at some of the pictures from yesterday..shall we?

Que? In Englais Por Favor

The land is everyones

Uh yeah...it is, but laws have to be followed...and guess what amigo? UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE ARE BREAKING THE LAW!


WHAT A SURPRISE....NOT Anarchists, anglo or hispanic are present at every rally the left puts on.

Who is the real immigrant pilgrim?

You are....I seem to remember my birth certificate says I was born in the soverign borders of the United States of America. Your ancestors lost a war for the borders....GET THE HELL OVER IT

Killin cowboys?

Erm....er uh....eh....what can NOT be said about this picture, kind of brings it ALL into perspective, doesnt it? All they want is to kill whitey...now there is tolerance! Sarcasm intended


Lookit there, he is mexican! Well there amigo, if you are mexican, then head your ass back south across the border...I am an american, I will stay in America thank you. Why can they NOT identify themselves as Mexican American? Do they not realise that will get them more sympathy?


As with ALL rallys of large size that the left organises, the anarchists show up to, and tempers flare (Read that whole tolerance thing again amigo) they rioted. But you wont find that on your nightly news..right? It was on Fox this morning...if anyone has a link to the story..please comment it.

And naturally, there were people there who couldnt help themselves and had to fly the mexican flag. Kind of negates EVERYONE holding the United States flag. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot eh?

Ah well. Via Con Dios. They had their day, they failed...they are criminals .. send them home.

UPDATE 5/3/06 0920

Article on riots found HT Michael Savage for the article link:

Vista, CA

VISTA – Law officers from around the county raced into Vista last night to help quell what sheriff's officials called a riot, with crowds throwing rocks and bottles at deputies.

Authorities estimated 800 to 1,200 people swarmed the streets after a rally to protest the proposed federal immigration bill had broken up at Wildwood Park on East Vista Way at Escondido Avenue.

Nearly 200 officers poured into town in the hours after Vista deputies radioed for help about 8 p.m.

Officers dressed in riot gear started clearing the streets and ordering crowds to disperse about 11 p.m. Rows of officers with dogs marched down Santa Fe Avenue, followed by cruisers and an armored SWAT car.
“If you don't go home now, you'll be arrested,” officers told the crowd. At Avenida de Benito Juarez and West Los Angeles Drive, officers were donning gas masks at 11:40 p.m. when crowds refused to leave. Some people reportedly had armed themselves with rocks.

By 12:30 a.m., police had cleared the area.

During the day, deputies had been monitoring the park rally, then reported that people were throwing bottles at them, sheriff's Capt. Glenn Revell said. Revell said deputies retreated and were not injured.
Revell said crowds split into three groups, some staying near Wildwood Park, while others congregated along Melrose Drive. Others sat down and blocked the intersection at North Santa Fe Avenue and Bobier Street until officers converged to break up the crowd.

Some 200 people walked up and down Santa Fe Avenue from Bobier Drive to Vista Village Drive. About 10:30 p.m., 40 to 50 police cars lined Santa Fe Avenue. Many officers wore helmets and padding
“It's not supposed to be a riot, it's supposed to be peaceful,” said Adrian Olivos, 21, of Vista. “I don't know why there is all the commotion.”

“It was spontaneous,” said Christina Colt, 19, of Vista. “People were waving the Mexican and American flags. They all just came together, and out of nowhere cops just started pouring in, and canines.”
Near Wildwood Park, a mob swarmed two television trucks, throwing rocks and trying to overturn them.

“The Sheriff's Department is not placing blame on the demonstrators,” Revell said. “We believe this is a very small group of people who are making this protest for criminal behavior.”

Councilman Frank Lopez said the park rally had been peaceful but loud.

“It was calm, people were enjoying themselves,” Lopez said.

He added that later in the evening, he could hear young people racing up and down the streets in trucks, waving flags and yelling.

“I saw a lot of officers go by” soon after that, Lopez said.

Sheriff's officials requested aid from law agencies around the county. Five Carlsbad officers headed to Vista about 8:30 p.m.

About 9 p.m., the California Highway Patrol sent eight officers from its El Cajon-area office. A short time later, 20 San Diego police officers started racing, lights and sirens on, toward Vista. Escondido sent 19 officers and Oceanside sent nine.

They came from as far away as Coronado and La Mesa, which each sent three officers, while El Cajon sent five, National City six and Chula Vista 11.

Many officers came with patrol dogs, forming lines in the street. Some officers reported no scenes of violence as the evening wore on, but that disturbances popped up in different parts of town.

Mayor Morris Vance said the Wildwood Park cultural event featured a lot of music and speakers, but was breaking up in the late afternoon. Vance knew of no one with permits to march afterward.

Staff writer Elena Gaona contributed to the report.


So much for peaceful assembly huh?


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