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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lets see what others are saying

Ok..its been long enough...have we had enough of Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert? Are we done being big babies and threatening to sit out this election in protest of 1 or 2 bad eggs in the Republican Party? Have we had enough stooping down and letting the dhimmicats lead us like sheep? GROW THE F**K UP PEOPLE.....ENOUGH ALREADY!

Airborne Vet is hosting a support our troops party for the 1000 Stair Climb in Bisbee. COUNT ME IN!!!

The Radio Equaliser shows us what should be in the forefront of our blogging! EVERYTHING BUT FOLEY!!!!!

Flight Pundit has an appaling link to an article that talks about Islamof**ks stoning a girl on a playground. WHAT THE HELL??

The Independant Conservative points to Hypocrisy, Al Gore style.

From Flopping Aces...CRAP like this is why we dont need to sit around on election day whining.

Tammy Bruce reports on todays plane crash into an apartment building in New York. RIP Cory Lidle, my prayers and thoughts are with his family today.

IF ONLY...we could all think like Fire and Hammer.

The Absurd Report has some hard truth for soft headed librafacistnazis...otherwise known as liberals.

Old War Dogs asks for input. Help him out.

Big Dogs Weblog talks about the dhimmitcats re-writing history. ANYONE WANT TO SIT AT HOME ON NOVEMBER 7th? I SURE AS HELL DONT!!!!!!!

Can you tell I have had a hard day and have some pent up frustration?

Are you wondering WHY I am stuck on telling you people to get out there and vote? The answer is over at Ravens, GOD LOVE HER!!!!!!! But sometimes .. like anyone .. I disagree with her.

Bookworm Room reports on Democratic affrontry (Is that a word) to intelligence and shows their hypocrisy (Insert witty comment about getting out to vote Nov 7 here)

The ex-donkey blog reports on our good economy, thank to the REPUBLICANS who have made good clean policy on financial matters!

The Junkyard Blog takes a look at a historical event in 1997. And makes some damned good points, first and foremost, ". Also for what it's worth, when the ambulance arrived, they treated the injured innocent bystanders and cops before they treated the evil SOB who had shot them, which frankly makes a lot of sense to me."

The Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller (WHY IN THE HELL is that so hard to type out?) Tells us "Indonesian Mooselimbs Attempt Comeback, Fall on Faces" SNICKER .. this one is a good read!

Do you reckon Cold Fury doesnt like McCaint?

DING DING DING DING!!!!!!!! MIKES AMERICA NAILS IT!!!!!!! If I had a prize to give for the most common sense posting of the week, he would get it!

According to STOP the ACLU, the Thomas More Law Center is girding itself up for the onslaught of lawsuits against nativity displays this year that represents our passion for the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We need to donate to this law concern and also Jay Sekulow.

Alabama Improper has some linky love going on too.

Some liberal in our government is blocking our 1st amendment rights!!!!!!!

Say NO to PCBS breaks it down with Streisand

Dont ever let it be said that we dont have liberal judges presiding over liberal juries. THIS CASE IS LUDICROUS.

IF THIS isnt a case to bring back the sedition act....I dont know what will be!

The Freedom Folks have video. Want to see racism? THIS is it folks!

I got nothing else.

Shall I say it again folks? GET OUT AND VOTE NOVEMBER 7th!!!!!!!! DONT SIT AT HOME POUTING.

There I feel better



Blogger Mike's America said...

I thank you for the compliment. Your praise is prize enough.

When I heard the audio of Congresswoman Tauscher denying that Democrats had voted overwhelmingly against SDI I just about lost it.

Do they really think that none of us have the ability to go back and see what their votes were on the subject?

I sometimes wonder if these Democrat politicians think Republican voters are as ill-informed as Democrat voters clearly are.

The bottom line: Ask every candidate for federal office this fall whether he or she supports immediate deployment of missile defense. And don't accept any weasel worded answer from Democrats.

12 October, 2006 03:33  

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