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Friday, October 13, 2006

Munsil nails it in Tucson...........

A couple of days ago, Len Munsil was in Tucson at the UofA campus for a debate with frankenstein Napolitano and Barry Hess the independent candidate. The freepers of Tucson got the word out that they were doing a rally and support of Munsil...I was invited but unable to make it due to working overtime at my job. From what I hear though, it was a sea of patriotism and his supporters were boisterous in their approval of him.

The debate ended on the right note....I will quote directly from Len Munsils website:

With a few seconds left in last night's debate, the moderator asked each us for the "one word" that was the key to this election. All of us stayed in character:

Barry Hess went for the laugh and said "Votes."
Janet Napolitano ignored the rules, using six words to say "More votes than Barry or Len."
I followed the rules and stayed focused on the question and said: "Border!"

Our supporters erupted in applause, and that was how we went off the air.

There is video of the debate HERE. And a newspaper article HERE.

Munsil nailed every point, I like this guy, I like him a lot.

In other news, the Governor was a no call no show in Showlow on Oct 2. Guess she is up to her tricks as usual.

I welcome November 7th with open arms, this current Governor is arrogant, rude, crass, has NO CLUE what her constituency in Arizona wants nor needs and its time for her to go.


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