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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Encouragement from americanprotest.net

Don't Assume Gloom
by Wayne BoettcherPosted: 01/12/2007
Dark grey clouds fill the sky in Southwest Arizona as I look out upon the grim desert landscape, where spiny cactus and fanged creatures struggle to survive. The nightly coyote howls his frustration while buzzards watch patiently. A scorpion skitters across the floor, searching for prey to poison and devour. And the Democrats took over Congress.
Oh, the agony of it all. Perhaps we should stop trying to exist as free citizens who participate in our own government. The painful weariness of lifting pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) to write Congress may be too much to bear. Why find out what's really going on? It would be so much easier to just take a nap, or watch some TV. Relax. Drift off. Close your eyes….
Wake up, America! I was just kidding. Do you think there have not been hard times before? History tells us that when America was born the country was split. Many wanted to stay safely under England's thumb while other yearned for Liberty. Fistfights, duels, arguments and debates raged across the country. Thankfully the Liberty lovers did not take a nap.
Their letters and articles of protest during the Revolutionary era helped shape a nation. Yes, you know the famous writings of many patriots. But there were other letters and articles as well, lesser-known ones from all over the fledgling regime. These also influenced everyone and helped shape mass opinion. I can imagine in 1776 a weary farmer taking the time after a long day to write the village newspaper or (post a flyer) explaining how the freedom to worship God as he pleases is essential to overall liberty.
He doesn't think anyone cares but feels he must make a stand. Perhaps he prayed about it. And many tell him his ideas are radical. Some tear down his village poster (called broadsides in those days) and laugh at him as he stoically reposts it. But as time wears on and the naysayers notice the farmer refuses to back down. The logic of his argument begins to be felt. Others take up his cause. When it came time to vote, his ideas prevail! Why? One reason is that though he felt alone, he was actually one of many who cared, and helped turn the tide.
All through America's history independence advocates have faced taunting, ridicule and government oppression. In states where slavery abounded, abolitionists struggled to make men free. Jailed, beaten, reviled and shunned, they continued to write Congressmen who supported slavery to shame them and attempt to change their point of view. Letters to the editors of newspapers requested plantation owners let slaves go. I'm sure many times the writers feared their letters might "accomplish nothing."
After all, many knew they were not necessarily the great geniuses of the day. Some were simple working people who happened to be raised to know right from wrong. Yet they struggled against "brilliant" lawyers, "great" politicians and "religious" leaders who attempted to convince them that slavery was something to be tolerated and allowed. But most abolitionists were true Christians who lived by the Word. They didn't cave in to evil just because "everybody was doing it." They persevered…and eventually won!
Yes, we face evil in today's world, enabled and enforced even by Americans. Pornography, abortion, promiscuity, socialism, open borders, excessive taxes, oppression of property rights, rights to bear arms, to worship freely, to speak out and to be safe from government oppression by activist judges are some of the problems we face. Usually liberals are on one side of an issue, and conservatives on the other. In the middle are the mushy, undecided, uncaring and indecisive. Everyone's trying convince them for the next election time!
Liberal media give the impression that the mushy middle and liberals are all together, ready to crush the minority conservatives. Usually that's not actually true. But even when the odds are great, people who care will fight on. That's when character comes through. It's easy to fight when you know you're going to win. What about when you don't know? Will you still fight?
The Bible tells of Gideon facing the Midianites. Severely outnumbered, he reduced his force even more until he was down to only 300 men against an army too numerous to count! Yet still he prevailed against the oppressive government ravishing the country. Gideon also had the Lord on his side, and prayed for victory. Yes, he had doubts at first, but ended up trusting that doing the right thing would somehow work.
You too can fit the Gideon mold. Write an email to Congress. With email forms currently in use they are just as good as a paper letter and very convenient. It takes no time at all! Write against abortion or embryonic stem cell research funding. Write against pornography or promiscuity in public schools. Write to support the troops by asking Congress to support the President's plan. Could you do that, even if you know your Representative or Senator is a hard-core liberal? I know it's hard. Write it out. But don't just send it yet.
Take a moment to pray. It's of the utmost importance to seek guidance from the Lord. How did you write that letter? Was it accusatory or rude? Revise if needed. And pray some more, that the letter will touch the heart of the politician or newspaper editor you send it to. The missive need not be too complicated, simply a respectful request of your representative whose job it is to listen to their constituents and represent them. If you have not told them your wishes even once, how can you expect them to know what it is you want them to do? It's time to let them know! Write Congress, stand up for the what's right, and stand up for America!
Wayne Boettcher is the head of AmericanProtest.net
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do find it funny when conservatives ramble on about "liberty" and "democracy" and then start acting like democracy is under attack when an opposition party fairly and democratically wins congress. Seems at odds with eachother.


20 January, 2007 18:35  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

come on nick...tell me you werent one of the ones complaining that bush 'stole' the elections and i will lend credence to your statement.

the one thing you wont find us conservatives doing after this election...and that is claiming it was stolen.

21 January, 2007 13:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with stealing elections, its that when democrats did win Republicans started lambasting them so hard and acting like America was going to fall apart. I mean you may not have them claiming the election was stolen, but how many republicans were insulting the electorate after the results came in? How many were predicting that as soon as dems won we'd have major terror attacks? How many of them were acting like democracy would fall apart if the republicans lost?

And I don't think Bush stole either election. I wouldn't put it past him, but I don't have enough evidence to confirm it, so I don't take it seriously as an idea.

23 January, 2007 02:43  

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