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Friday, March 21, 2008

No News is Good News, Right?

Hello All.

I was extremely tired last night and my eyes were irritated by the smoke, so I went to bed and David stayed up to keep an eye on the blaze. We never had to evacuate!

The fire is no longer a direct danger to our property or, I believe, the city of Bisbee. There is a large area of State land outside of Bisbee and the fire is more centered on that now. It appears to be mostly under control as I do not see the amount of smoke I did yesterday nor do I see flames, but planes are still flying over and dropping stuff.

After the sun went down last night, you could see flashlights moving up the hill to combat the blaze and then you could hear chain saws cutting down stuff to create a barrier. I also heard them this morning.

The fire was started by a man in Moon Canyon trying to burn his trash. This is, of course, illegal without a permit and the Bisbee Fire Station confirmed a permit had not been issued. Hopefully, this guy will have to pay for everything, but he may have already been punished. I heard a rumor that he had a massive heart attack last night.

Well, I am beat and need to take a nap while the little man is down. Thanks for your prayers and other support. I will post more in this if anything changes or I get more info. In the mean time, check our local paper for an article on the Moon Canyon Fire.


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