Liberalism is a Mental Disorder (AKA Politics Suck)

Hi Everyone. I am back. Thanks to Airborne Vet and Fire And Hammer for their concern. The blog is going to get revamped and improved. Its a long story why I have not been around, and I am still not in a position to be a daily poster, but at least I can get some time in. Stand by for new posts

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello friends and faithful followers.

I am back. Watch for posting.

Reasons for my absence:

Without going into too much detail I have had some very personal things come up in the past year or so which has caused me to not be able to post. I have gone through some really traumatic things and since December of 2008 life has sucked bad for me. But I am hot on the heels of putting everything back on track.

Maybe I can get Janet Napolitano to add me to the list of radical right wingers to be watched. HA...what a joke.

Add to this, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama .. Nice job with that election America .. and his inability to speak coherently about anything (ahem, can we say NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT?) and you have a recipe that is ripe for political based postings.

Ok, time to go find some material, have a great day folks....please get the word out that I am back.

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Blogger AirborneVet said...


26 July, 2009 05:53  
Blogger AirborneVet said...

Where did you go now? Haven't seen anything new.

13 September, 2009 19:29  

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