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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Headline roundup

Let me give this a try...its a headline roundup from around the world, with commentary from yours truly

The senate is trying to pass more protections for illegals and those who encourage/enslave them. I cant wait to clean house later this year, McCaint is going bye bye.

France, Italy and Germany all conspired to lie to the world about paying terrorists. Is it any wonder they can not get any respect on the world stage?

The Dixie Chicks (Traitors in our midst) have pissed off yet more people and now the radio stations are revolting...I say take their seditious asses and try them all on the world stage. Do they even understand that their target audience are patriots and good ole boys? The very ones that support our President? Bad career move dixie traitors...bad

Madonna is pushing the envelope...I say good for her, she has her opinion and espouses it, being sensitive about coming onstage via a mirrored cross only places you in the zealot category of muslims offended by a stinking cartoon

Mexico president fox is touring the USofA, he started in Utah...interesting choice...he should have snuck across the border in Arizona so he can see what the true plight of his people is, and realise that he is sending them off into a no-man land devoid of any shade. Of course, that wont be an issue this summer when No Mas Muertas gathers the "troops" to illegaly transport aliens further into the United States. No Mas Muertas and groups like it should be disbanded and their members tried in court on federal harboring charges.

And last but not least, courtesy of Mike Drudge, we find more lefty liberal hypocrisy invading the very fabric of America. Al Gore is on tour promoting his new "movie" about global warming (A scientific myth) and is contributing more to that warming than the people he slams. Nice Hypocrisy Al....you assclown


Ah...that feels better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On musicians...

Let the Dixie Chicks dig their own grave. Entertainers should never play politics. Most of them aren't educated enough anyway to understand what the hell is going on.

Madonna does have the right to enter stage on a cross, however; when she bashes the Muhammad cartoonists and declares those who published them to be insensitive etc. etc., she needs to look at herself and say the same thing. Hypocrite? You bet she is.

AirborneVet out.

25 May, 2006 09:01  
Anonymous bob said...

haha, dude this blog is hilarious - I know you rightwingers are big into racism uh, i mean 'against political correctness', but whats with the climate change denial?
why do you guys ignore every piece of scientific evidence about climate change - are you a creationist or something?
and btw, don't tell me you think it's some conspiracy (or you'll have to get a bitter tinfoil hat).

11 June, 2006 09:54  

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