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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lets see what others are saying

The FBI is still trying to locate Jimmy Hoffa...I say Hoffa is buried somewhere in that mess I call a storage closet. BTW Scott hates his backup site.

Flight Pundit lays it down pure and simple with respect to immigration "reform" I am in 100% agreement with him.

The Universe and Other things has some information and studying for you to do if you are concerned with the Israeli/Palestinian ongoing feud. I dont concern myself too much with this issue except to say that Israel won land in a war, that is the way it goes, if you dont like it....well.

Expose the left has a blurb on Murtha. Murtha is a modern day Benedict Arnold and needs to be removed from office.

Real Teen Right On the Right has some linky love of his own going on

The Independant Conservative chimes in on the Duke Rape investigation and Fiasco

Where is the liberal outcry on this injustice from Flopping Aces? The silence is deafening!

From Tammy Bruce, Mexico is attempting to blackmail the United States...nice

Dayz Gone By is waiting for her Marine to come home But its all good!

Just for kicks...lets see what the tree hugging hypocritical lefty pundits are spewing:

Daniel is upset over the wall...heh

Even though I agree that it should be legal, his wife is encouraging people to break the law by stealing things out of UofA dumpsters As long as it is against the law, noone should do this.

The ummm "Fighting Liberal" is pissed that noone cares about the phone records being given over to the NSA. Waah...big baby..the world is not about YOU you know.

And this nutball is upset and is name calling....wow, no surprise there

Back to reality:

The new right angle has some information about an attack from a liberal on Ann Coulter...me thinks the hypocrisy is resounding!

Say No to Politically Correct Bullshit talks about the video of the plane hitting the Pentagon. What kills me about this video is that I seem to remember a time shortly after 9/11 where I saw the same thing on TV...my my how soon people forget...or should I say SHEEPLE?


The moonbats are claiming victory..but for what reason? Find out on CIR

And last but not least...CONDI ROCKS!

That is it for today...any comments left will be responded to most likely sometime this weekend when I can get into work and clean up some loose ends.



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