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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Headline roundup

News from around the world

England afraid to fly its own flag, no thanks to the islamo-fascists...I tell you right now, we need to take these freaks of nature out and NOW

Islamofacists take over the capital in Mogadishu

Tancredo straw pole...I tell you, this guy would make an AWESOME president!

Another Kennedy gets a free ride from the MSM entering rehab and emerging. Pat Kennedy is virtually ignored ... but let a conservative pundit be in the same situation, and whoa nellie, its like the anti-christ has arrived. BTW Who the HELL does Pat think he is invoking the name of God when his and his families policies go DIRECTLY against anything good and decent?

Canadian police will be releasing more information on the recent busts of terror suspects over this past weekend. Wonder how the Canadian officials gathered intelligence on these people?

No big surprise here, they actually paid someone to say that millions have road rage...DUH

Sometimes you just have to wonder WTF is going through the minds of the boneheads on Capitol Hill?

One has to wonder...WHY IS THIS EVEN NEWSWORTHY?

I have to remember to do this next time my car gets towed...I would have loved to have had the balls to do it when San Franfreako towed my van illegally.

These people are supposed to be our allies, they are moronic imbeciles. And conservatives are the ones who are demonised? PUHLEASE

Are we REALLY supposed to feel bad because the stupid illegals have to take a more treacherous route? Here is an idea...DONT TAKE THE TRIP TO BEGIN WITH!

I reckon ole Pat Robertson is on his knees about now begging for forgiveness...men who live in glass houses should not throw stones....of course, he is eerily silent on this matter...Hey Pat..you dont speak for me or most Christians...good job keeping your mouth shut this time.



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