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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving - The Political Jungle

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Obamas Base.......

I can not say for sure if these people actually voted, much less if they voted for Obama, but its ignorance like this that causes me to really think that tests should be given if people are voting before they are allowed to vote.

Its shameful that we live in a society that people can name celebrities kids but can not give us the year that a life altering event happened.

HT To Moonbattery

Heil Obamasiah


Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of California

Just a sneak peek at what life will be like under Herr Obamasiah:


Fireplace police on patrol; smoke can draw fine

11-19) 16:21 PST SAN FRANCISCO --

The fireplace police descended on the Bay Area on Wednesday.

For the first time ever, residential fires are illegal under a new law, passed in July, that bans home burning on winter season Spare the Air days.

The first such ban took effect at noon. Seventy inspectors from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District planned to spend the day and evening patrolling residential neighborhoods, looking for telltale chimney wisps.

Violators will get warnings by mail. Repeat offenders face fines of as much as $2,000.

The fireplace police say they are determined to keep law and order in the living room.

"We're serious," said district spokeswoman Kristine Roselius. "This is a major health threat. The weather conditions are such that smoke is trapped closer to the ground and anyone with respiratory problems will have a hard time breathing."

With 1.4 million fireplaces in the Bay Area, Roselius said the district is hoping for voluntary compliance. It notes that wood burning produces about one-third of the particulate pollution on a typical winter night.

The district predicts as many as 20 Spare the Air days during the winter season, which air quality officials define as Nov. 1 through Feb. 28. That means it could be illegal to fire up the fireplace as often as one day in every six.

Similar bans have been in place in the San Joaquin Valley and in the Pacific Northwest for several years.

After the initial warning, repeat violators will face fines, some as high as four figures. In other no-burn districts, offenders have been permitted to do penance by attending "smoke school," similar to traffic school. But the Bay Area is a no-school zone.

The air quality district declared its Spare the Air Day because of what it called moderate levels of pollution all around the Bay Area. Moderate pollution is expected to remain today in the East Bay, the South Bay and the Santa Clara Valley regions, with good air quality in the North Bay and coastal regions. The district will decide by noon whether to extend the wood-burning ban.

The fireplace industry was seeing red about the prospect of more smoke-free days and nights.

"This is obviously something we're very concerned about," said Chris Caron, vice president of Duraflame, the Stockton-based purveyor of sawdust fireplace logs.

He said he hoped the new ban would not affect the fire log business and that Bay Area residents would burn even more logs on non-Spare the Air days.

"After (the district) gets through trying to scare everyone to death, we expect they will realize that people still want to burn in their fireplaces," Caron said.

He also said it was unfair to lump cleaner-burning sawdust-based logs with ordinary wood. And he said he was hoping for lots of cold, rainy, windy and miserable weather this winter.

"Bad weather is good for us," he said. "And good for air quality."

Rich Ventura, proprietor of Rich's Firewood of San Carlos, called the ban "a little excessive." Ventura sells oak fireplace wood for $400 a cord, a quantity of stacked wood that measures 4 by 4 by 8 feet.

"They should try education first - that would be a better way to go," he said. "If you build a fire properly, and get it really hot in a wood stove, there's very little smoke."

Tim Regan of San Francisco said he had already gotten his education and wouldn't be spending Wednesday night burning any of the firewood he was buying at the Safeway on Market Street for $18.

"The environment has to trump comfort," Regan said. "I'm sentimental about these things. A fireplace is so romantic, the curl of the smoke rising up - it's like Norman Rockwell. But I'm willing to make a concession to the planet's health and survival."

Receive air alerts

For more information on wintertime Spare the Air Days, check the air quality district's Web site, www.baaqmd.gov, or call (877) 466-2876. Residents may also sign up to receive automatic notification of no-burn days, by e-mail or recorded telephone messages.

Welcome to the Golden State, they have found a way into your living rooms.

Don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy now?

Heil Obamasiah

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gateway Pundit: HAPPY VICTORY IN IRAQ DAY-- November 22, 2008

Gateway Pundit: HAPPY VICTORY IN IRAQ DAY-- November 22, 2008

The obamasiah cult celebrates Christmas with ObamaClaus

From the Arizona Red Star...uh daily star

Merry Fitzmas! It's the Obama Claus ornament
Also: Sarah Claus, holiday greeting cards and more
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 11.22.2008

What says "Merry Fitzmas!" like a porcelain ornament of Barack Obama in a Santa hat? See the new items in cartoonist David Fitzsimmons' corner of the StarNet Shop.
The sure cure for friends and family suffering from election hangover: the Obama Claus or Sarah Claus ornaments.

The handmade flat circular ornaments measure 2 7/8 inches across. They are made of porcelain and include a red ribbon for hanging on the tree.

There are also several other holiday-themed selections of ornaments or holiday greeting cards in the StarNet shop.

Find the store at go.azstarnet.com/fitzmas

Heil Obamasiah

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The coolest song and video ever

Time to start getting back into the Christmas spirit

I present to you, Christmas Cannon by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ladys and Gentlemen....I present to you...........

The reason why I think and advocate that people should have to take a test to vote:

Its sickening, disgusting and unbelievably sleezy the way these people make the conservatives out to be the evil ones.

Cross posted at our sister blog

HT to stop the ACLU

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Gay Radicals Chase Christianists Out of the Castro (Video)

Gateway Pundit: Gay Radicals Chase Christianists Out of the Castro (Video)

And what he says about Michelle Malkin reporting things got physical makes sense, the SFPD does not dispatch their vans...aka the "wagon"...unless there arrests.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Focus of bailout shifted to consumer

From the New York Slimes:

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department on Wednesday officially abandoned the original strategy behind its $700 billion effort to rescue the financial system, as administration officials acknowledged that banks and financial institutions were as unwilling as ever to lend to consumers.

Read the rest


So, my question is, “When do I get mine?”

What do the responsible people get? I am never late on my payments. I do not take or use more credit than I need. I do not buy needless things just because I have a credit card. I do not have more than one credit card. I pay off my loans.

So, what do I get? Higher taxes to pay for those who are irresponsible with money. This is truly @#*%!! up!


Obama "Family Friend" Ayers Still Unapologetic For Terrorist Acts (Video)

Gateway Pundit: Obama "Family Friend" Ayers Still Unapologetic For Terrorist Acts (Video)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Again, Obamas brownshirts stifle free speech

They felt real bold taking on an 80 year old woman. The were real stupid to do it right in front of a live news broadcast. What is even more amazing is that these are the people that voted for Obama.

What is hilarious is that its these same people who caused their own doom by pushing so hard for everyone to vote.

What I find ironic is that they should be protesting in the black and hispanic neighberhoods, because they are the ones...not white Christian conservatives...that made the defeat possible.

A little pepper spray from granny would have been a grand thing in a situation like this.

And then the ending comment by the newscaster...hate on both sides...yeah right, I saw nothing even resembling hate coming from granny.

Heil Obamasiah

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Sister blog added

Check out our sister blog, its just up and running


Thank you Veterans

The American people, thank and appreciate you for your courage, dedication and sacrifice.

Today we remember and honor those who have served our armed forces, whether it be in times of war, or peace.

You are held in the highest esteem.

Thank you

Other blogs for Veterans day:

Caos blog

Freedom Folks
Melanie Morgan
Flight Pundit
Wake Up America
The Political Jungle
Gateway Pundit
The Bookworm Room

And finally, we have the poem Flanders Fields. Written by a Canadian field surgeon in the heat of battle:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flander's fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, tho poppies grow
In Flander's fields.

Ltn. -Col. John McCrae

God bless our military, God bless the United States of America

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Saturday, November 08, 2008


This is what the 1st Amendment will look like under Heir Obamasiah folks

All this guy was doing was wearing a McCain Palin shirt and was manhandled and shoved into a police car and arrested.

This comes from WND

This is ridiculous. For those who care to exercise their 1st amendment rights...they no longer exist thanks to the brownshirts for Obamasiah.


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Update on Browbeating scumbag teacher for Obama

From Michelle Malkin the Superintendent APPEARS to be doing the right thing:

The superintendent of the school where child-abusing Obama supporter Diatha Harris teaches has posted a statement on his district’s website. He is investigating. (Thanks to Pat at BelchSpeak, who first called attention to the appalling video of Harris bullying the daughter of a soldier for supporting John McCain).

Here is the statement:

CCS Headline News - Superintendent’s Response to YouTube

I was shocked when I saw the clip of an interaction between a Cumberland County Schools teacher and her students as posted on YouTube. While neutral discussion of the political process is appropriate, at no time, particularly with elementary students, should a teacher infuse his/her political views into the discussion. Most disconcerting was the military slant that made its way into this discussion. We are a military community, serving over 15,000 military students and their families. We value the sacrifices, not only of the military parents but also those of their families.

We believe that military children are our children, military spouses are many of our employees, and military service men and women are our heroes. We proudly serve our military children and have received national awards for our support of military families.

I was particularly disturbed to see the uncomfortable position in which our children were placed due to the inappropriate actions of one of our teachers. Please be assured that the actions exhibited in this video are not consistent with the vision of the CCS. Moreover, the actions of one teacher do not represent the 7000 employees in our organization.

Once the video was brought to my attention, I immediately launched an investigation. Personnel laws prevent me from releasing information regarding individual employees and personnel action taken. I can assure you that upon completion of the investigation, I will take appropriate action.

Dr. William Harrison
CCS’ Superintendent

Do the right thing, Dr. Harrison.


Time will tell

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Lying piece of crap teacher browbeats students for McCain

Gateway Pundit: Hope, Change and Child Abuse

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Other Countries Expect Handouts (and terrorists love Obama)

Wow. Now that Obama has been elected President, other countries are already asking for handouts. We already give aid to Africa, as well as others, but apparently, more is expected to come from the new socialist leader. Read the story HERE.

Here's a small excerpt to entice you.

By Daniel Wallis
KOGELO, Kenya (Reuters) – Kenyans in Barack Obama's ancestral homeland danced with joy on Wednesday as the election of America's first black president sparked hope that he would tackle poverty and disease in Africa. ...

Many Africans fervently hope his victory will mean more U.S. support for local development and an improvement in living conditions for the world's poorest continent.

"We trust that you will also make it the mission of your presidency to combat the scourge of poverty and disease everywhere," former South African president Nelson Mandela said.

Also of concern is the fact that terrorist groups are happy that Obama is President. Read the story at Gateway Pundit. Read this one, too. This scares me.


Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

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One conservatives view of the world........

American and Proud puts it nicely what the next 4 years will be like:

Guess home many times we will hear these phrases from the NEW president:

I could not do what I had wanted to because of the previous administration.

I did (INSERT CONSERVATIVE ACTION HERE) because of the previous administration.

I will be doing (Insert LIBERAL ACTION HERE) as soon as I remove the problems created by the previous administration.

Guess right and you get…. Well I can’t afford anything I fully expect to be broke by this time next year.

Some things Bush did well (Not that anyone gives a shit)

Bush had the most DIVERSE cabinet EVER (Look what it got him)

BUSH kept our country safe from terrorism for 7+ years. (Not that anyone notices)

BUSH’s time in office saw more home ownership and more MILLIONAIRES Created than anytime in history. (Not that all of them are STILL Rich and look how that helped him in the media)

BUSH Nominated a couple of GOOD SCOTUS Judges (Not that he gets much credit)

Other than those things I draw a blank.. and I am sure the list of BAD things will be huge but I think the guy truly did what he thought was best. I for one thank GWB for his service to his country even though I didn’t agree with everything he did. HE SERVED.

Read the Rest HERE


Bush did a lot of good for this country. Yes, there was his whole illegal alien crap and giving into the amnesty first crowd, but hell, Reagen had to as well to get anything done.

The American people have made a HUGE mistake electing Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, and it will show soon after he is in office.

And folks like us will be sitting in the background saying we tried to warn you.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stop The ACLU says it succintly................

Congratulations, moonbats. You finally have your revenge for being forced to look at all those flags after 9/11. This is a day of celebration for everyone hostile to America and the principles of individual liberty for which it stands. Enjoy it while you can.

There are people lowdown enough to know in advance who and what was elected yesterday, and to have voted for the Moonbat Messiah anyway. What they have done to this country is beyond forgiveness.

But an ultra-radical leftist like Obama could not be elected in a center-right country, or even a center-left country, without a great deal of deception. Thanks to a radicalized liberal media willing to sacrifice its own long-term credibility to put a leftist in power, Obama was never publicly vetted. Moderates did not vote for a real person, but for a two-dimensional phantom temporarily conjured into being by hype.

Read the rest here

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For a reaction on how I feel about the election........

See what I said 2 years ago, replace house and senate with white house, and nothing is changed.

My co-blogger chooses to take the high road and remain optimistic, I on the other hand am pissed off at the American people.

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Well, Here We Go

The election is over and Mr. Obama will be our new President. He wasn't my choice and I know he wasn't the choice of this blog in general, but now we just have to wait and see what happens. I think it's great we have our first African-Arab-White President Elect, but I still would've preferred a woman in there (Hint: Palin 2012).

Anyway, even though this coming administration will be majority Dem, I still do not envision much real work getting done. Politicians are politicians, after all. What will happen; however, is a large reduction in the defense budget, which will affect my job. We will also likely see many of us paying much higher taxes to fund social welfare programs that fail. I keep hearing the number "$250,000". That, my friends, is for small businesses. What is the number for individuals or married couples? Even if that number remains the same, I don't consider $250,000 to be "rich" in this day and age. The government never takes into account where you live. In some areas, such as Washington DC, $250,000 is scraping the bottom of the barrel for a small family.

Obama talks a good game, but so did Hitler. If Obama is able to institute his plans in full, America will cease to be what it is and become more like one of those failed states in Africa or possibly, Nazi Germany (especially if he gets his "civilian security force"- What the heck is that about?). So, go ahead and "spread the wealth around". Discourage free market capitalism, free thinking, and freedom of choice. Let's see where we go.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted ... Did you?


Arrogant, conceited, bloviating libtard Barrack Hussein Obama flips McCain the bird

What an arrogant asshole

And this isn't the first time he has done this.

HT To Sweetness and Light

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LIAMD Reccomended voting


Ok, so here we go, my recommendations on voting and why:

President: John McCain
Why: He is just the better of the 2 candidates, Barack Hussein Obama is a liar and a socialist.


US Representative in Congress District 7
Joseph Sweeney (R)
Why: Raul Grijalva, the democrat running has proven that he is pro-illegal immigrant.

State Sentaor District 25: Mary Ann Black (R)
Why: Manny Alvarez (D) has proven that he is pro-illegal immigrant

State Representative District 25: Timathy Davies (R)
Why: His statements best represent the interests of this district.

Corporation Commissioner:
1. Bob Stump (R)
2. Barry Wong (R)
3. Marian McClure (R)
Why: I just can not vote a democrat into this position...sorry

Ballot initiatives:

Proposition 100:
The "No New Home Tax" initiative will amend the Arizona constitution to prohibit the state and any local government from charging any new tax on the sale or transfer of any real property in Arizona.

Vote: NO - California enacted Prop 13 in the 70's which was similar in scope. It killed public services. This includes school busses, police, fire and lots of other services.

Proposition 101:
The "Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act" is a constitutional amendment that claims to preserve and protect the right of individuals to choose their health care and health insurance, or to opt for no insurance at all. It would permanently bar universal healthcare or single payer plans in Arizona. This plan would preserve the status quo under which more than one million Arizonans have no health coverage.

Vote: NO - This is a push for socialised health care, sorry, I can not support it

Proposition 102:
This is a proposal referred by the legislature to amend Arizona's constitution to state that only the union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Arizona.

Vote: YES - Preserve traditional family values

Proposition 105:
Proposition 105 would amend the Arizona Constitution to stipulate that citizen initiatives that either increase state revenues or obligate any spending by anyone (state, local, private individual) could not be enacted through a simple majority vote. Instead, such measures would pass only if they were approved by a majority of all registered voters. Voters who don't vote would be counted as NO votes even if they favored an initiative.

Vote: YES - The senate and house need 2/3 majority for new taxes, so should the people. I was all for this after the approval of the ballot initiative placing a new tax on cigarettes in Arizona, especially since it passed with only 54%

Proposition 200:
This measure would allow the payday lending industry to continue to operate in Arizona after 2010 when its ten-year exemption from Arizona's 36 percent interest rate limit ends. Passage of this proposition will ensure the continuation of predatory lending by pay day loan companies.

Vote: YES - Let the free market decide who wins and who loses

Proposition 201:
The Homeowners' Bill of Rights initiative would provide a variety of legal remedies and rights to purchasers of new homes including a ten-year warranty on new home workmanship and materials; giving homeowners the right to demand compensation or correction of construction defects; removing the threat of homeowners being charged for builders' attorneys' fees if they lose a court action; requiring that all features and equipment shown in model homes be included as standard in purchased homes; and protecting buyers from deceptive mortgage practices. The measure also gives homebuyers additional rights, such as the right to choose among three contractors with complaint-free records to fix any repairs that might be needed in the home. Currently, the builder chooses who makes the repairs for the home. This measure extends the statute of limitations for bringing a court action from eight years to ten.

Vote: NO - This proposal could make private sales of homes become a litigation minefield. If you sell your home and do not know there is a problem with it (Honestly) then you could be held liable YEARS down the road for it.

Prop 202:
The "Stop Illegal Hiring Act" is an initiative designed to modify Arizona's employer sanctions Law that revokes a business license the second time an employer is found to have knowingly and intentionally hired an undocumented worker. The measure bars anonymous complaints against employers. Employers' use of the federal "E-Verify" system to check a potential employee's legal status would shift from mandatory to voluntary.


Prop 300:
The Commission on Salaries for Elective State Offices has recommended unanimously that legislators' salaries be raised to $30,000. The commission is bi-partisan, authorized by the state Constitution, and is charged with recommending pay levels "appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the respective offices and positions subject to review." There has been no change in legislators' pay for ten years. Recommendations for a larger raise, to $36,000, were on the ballot in 2002, 2004, and 2006 but did not pass. Legislative sessions frequently last five to six months during which senators and representatives work long hours. In addition, nearly every year the legislature is called back for special sessions.

Vote: YES - Its time they get a raise, then we hit em for more oversight. Give and take.


The text of these propositions were taken from the website informed Arizona which makes claim that its NON PARTISAN - However, look at the wording and tell me there is no bias there. Regardless, it was the only place to easily get the information I needed.

Go vote Nov 4...your children are depending on you