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Monday, January 21, 2008

Fred Thompson

OK! I admit it! It was me! I placed the contribution widget for Fred on this blog. I like Fred. After looking at all of the candidates- even the Dems- I have decided that I agree most with Fred's stand on the issues AND I like his style. Not much media hype and refuses to sling mud. Love it!

UPDATE: Fred dropped out, so I've removed his fundraising widget. Oh well. No I have no idea who to vote for.

Iraq War Widow Scammed!

She has three kids and lost $57,000 to some douchbags!
Here's a link! Read it and get the word out!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lets see what others are saying

todays edition is going to be late. Too much going on right now to do this.

Watch for it tomorrow.

Sorry to those that read it.

have a blessed day

Saturday, January 19, 2008

R.I.P. Uncle John

I got news last night that my Uncle was killed in an accident in Florida. I went searching for it and found an article on it.

Our whole family is stunned.

Pray for us.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Belief-O-Matic Quiz!

That's right, folks! Learn what religion you should be by taking this quiz! Ha Ha!
I was raised Roman Catholic, and, like many people from many religions, I don't agree with everything the church puts out there. SO, I was curious. I answered this quiz honestly and got some very interesting feedback. Check it out. Please notice the religion under which I was raised is way down on the scale at number 25.

Your Results:

The top score on the list below represents the faith that Belief-O-Matic, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks most closely matches your beliefs. However, even a score of 100% does not mean that your views are all shared by this faith, or vice versa.

Belief-O-Matic then lists another 26 faiths in order of how much they have in common with your professed beliefs. The higher a faith appears on this list, the more closely it aligns with your thinking.

1. Bahá'í Faith (100%)
2. Liberal Quakers (96%)
3. Reform Judaism (91%)

4. Unitarian Universalism (90%)
5. Orthodox Judaism (88%)
6. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (84%)
7. Islam (82%)
8. Jainism (78%)
9. Sikhism (78%)
10. Theravada Buddhism (77%)
11. Secular Humanism (76%)
12. Orthodox Quaker (74%)
13. Mahayana Buddhism (63%)
14. Neo-Pagan (63%)
15. Nontheist (63%)
16. New Age (59%)
17. Seventh Day Adventist (59%)
18. Taoism (56%)
19. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (55%)
20. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (53%)
21. Hinduism (49%)
22. Jehovah's Witness (48%)
23. New Thought (45%)
24. Eastern Orthodox (42%)
25. Roman Catholic (42%)
26. Scientology (41%)
27. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (38%)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ok...so this is old .. But

I was reading The Drudge Report today and ran across a link to a video on a student protest somewhere over something or other (Ok, my brain is fried from work today, sue me)

That led me to start researching videos on youtube and found an interesting one that I want you to look at, then I look at my comments:

Ok, this CAREFULLY edited video shows students doing their "civic duty" in protesting the war by walking out on classes and having a good old fashioned loving sit in. And in this video, they are up in front of the school board WHINING because they will get suspended or expelled.

I want to focus on one particular speaker who got my attention. Her speech begins at time mark 4:32 and continues through to the end. Lets take a look at some of what she had to say, shall we?

"On November 1st he and his classmates had the courage and valor to stand up for something they believe in"

Good on them!

"They see their families suffering from a recession that is affecting everyone"

Um Excuse me? I am not suffering from a recession. How many of you are?

"They took a peaceful demonstration by singing Kumbiyah (SP?) Give peace a chance, and we shall overcome"

Kudos to them, but hasnt anyone told them that its not original? Where did they learn all this? Wait for it...its coming.

"The actions of the board is criminalising youth. You are misleading when you say they were given opportunities and not taking those opportunities to leave. We have several witnesses and affidavits that assert that fact. We have adults and certain people at your school who say that they did. They moved their demonstration from outside when they were assured by your administration that they would not have any consequences if they did so. And they complied."

Ah, good for them, they complied. But lets just gloss over the fact that they left school when they knew they were not supposed to (This part goes without saying, you know?)....Lets continue, shall we?

"Preferential treatment, is not the American way"

No ... it isnt the moral way, but guess what toots...it happens, and there is nothing you can do about. However, I refer you to our Declaration of Independence, you know that little document that you so convieniently forget about which is a guarantee from our government? It says that ALL MEN ARE CREATED Equal.....What exactly is she saying here? WAIT FOR IT, ITS COMING!!

"These kids model in the great peaceful manner of such people as Martin Luther King, Cesar Chaves and (unintelligible due to applause)"

Thats great...just great! But I am sorry, when did these people ever model that high school students should walk off campus to protest something? She implies earlier in the video that the children have rights and they dont feel like they do. Yes, they have rights....They can protest all their little hearts desire...OFF OF SCHOOL CAMPUS AND AFTER SCHOOL HOURS. During school hours, they are expected to be in class, like the law says they must be. But why is she bringing up these great leaders of reform? WAIT FOR IT....

"I say this because I am an educator myself. And I work in politics and community activism"

UH OH .. there it is. She is just another left wing educator who is behind students who flaunt rules, good common sense and moral decency in defying the law and walking out of class and off campus into a demonstration. KNOWING FULL WELL THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE ACTIONS!

Sorry, if you protest ... and you know its against the law ... before you do it ... then dont cry when there are consequences for your actions. Martin Luther King and Cesar Chaves KNOWINGLY faced arrest and harassment for their actions, and they didnt cry when it happened to them. I have no sympathy for them except that they have listless parents who are teaching them to break the law.

The only injustice in this video is that the parents of the students werent arrested.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lets see what others are saying

Feeling a little better now. Still have a cough that isnt going away, but at least I am not achey and feverish.

Here we go

Jenn over at Bitch Slapping Liberals brings us a story of Code Pink and some Cubans. The Cubans bitch slapped Code Pink. Kinda warms my heart :)

Sweetness and Light reports on Shrillary playing the gender card while campaigning for the illegal votes.

Over at the Bookworm Room, they report on more insanity from across the pond. Apparently in England, there is a movement under foot to take body parts from the dead for transplant whether they agreed to it or not.

From the Absurd Report, we get the political quote of the day: “If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of sobriety and true republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honor of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation.” —Samuel Adams

From Flopping Aces, we have more insanity from the Socialist republic of California.

Here from Stop the ACLU is a poll which indicates that only 19% of folks implicitly trust the media. My guess would be that those 19% are the libtards.

And speaking of Libtards, lets check in with Meathead. Here he is attacking Big Dog...and as usual is not taking things in context. Typical moron.

I am REALLY lacking motivation this morning, its way too early and I have to think about getting ready for church.

The Blue Collar Republican has so much good stuff as of late on his blog, I cant decide which article to link to, so just go there.

Anyone know where Sheepdog has gone? Hope he is ok over there in the sandbox!

Jenns Journey as a Conservative chick brings us a music video we can all get behind.

From Flanders Fields, we have this provocative article, The White Candidate is the Right Candidate. Before you jump to conclusions, read the article.

The Reformed Chicks blabbing have move to their new home on the web, update your bookmarks! And in fine form, as usual, they report on the Internet Monk withdrawing himself from support of Ron Paul, as soon as he did, he started getting lunacy in his email, which shows just how nuts you really have to be to stand behind Ron Paul.

I just realised that I should probably update my myspace page....my mind is a jumble of thoughts this morning, argh

Hollys fight for justice brings us commentary on the death of Lance Cpl Maria Lauterbach. RIP.

The Psycemeister Ice Palace reports on a fine, upstanding citizen (OF MEXICO) who is here illegaly doing a job americans wont do (cough cough) and is facing some serious charges (SHOCK!!!)

Caos blog has a very informative editorial on the death penalty and its relation to the Bible. I will take this opportunity to again re-iterate that I support the death penalty, but have problems when it comes to questions of ones innocence. Before the ultimate penalty is carried out, all unanswered questions MUST be answered, regardless of whether there is legal precedence for it or not....nuff said

I found an interesting site, its called the California Patriot online. Check it out.

And bringing up the rear in true fashion, is my favorite blog of all time, the Freedom Folks. Check the editorial they have regarding Illegal immigration.

That is it, and I finish just in time to start getting ready for church. Have a good week everyone, thanks for visiting!



Saturday, January 12, 2008

A letter from hell

Mull it over


Friday, January 11, 2008

Guns save lives

This is a compelling video found on American and Proud

If you are not a gun owner, after seeing this video, and listening, you will rethink that position

Please note the time in this video that it took before the woman was attacked and the police were called and STILL not there.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Since the other guy is a bit (cough) sick and would like one of us to blog in his stead, here I am.

What shall we discuss today? Hmmmm....

My Running Journal

I have started running again after and on and off again love affair with the sport over the last few years. I ran regularly while in the Army and not just because I had to, either. I've run a few half-marathons and too many 5ks to count. One year my husband and I even went to Monterey, CA for one of the Big Sur Power Walks. Ooohhhh! Fun, exercise and wonderful views were had by all! Some of you may already know this last September, we even went to Lake Tahoe and ran/walked one of the many races offered during marathon week there. Anyway, I'm digressing....
I had originally wanted to get up VERY early and run by myself in the mornings, but as other parents know, we are already sleep deprived. I decided to actually use my jogging stroller for, well, jogging! I take Xander out just about every day now for a run. I'm still walking a little since our town is nothing but hills (up hill, really), but it's working out and Xander loves it! He's ready to go every morning at 0730! "Out, out!" He says and goes to the door. Ha Ha!

For your running motivation, check out Runner's World!

So, anyone else follow through on their New Year resolutions?? Please share!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Light bloggin

Hey folks, feeling a bit under the weather lately, I have a temp and life must go on.

For now I wont be blogging much for a few days, hopefully one of my co-bloggers can help pick up the slack a bit.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lets see what others are saying

What a week! The Iowa caucus happened, and you know what? It doesn't mean anything. Its just begun folks. Officially, I am throwing my endorsement behind Fred Thompson.

So here we go with this weeks linky love:

Lets start off with warm and fuzzy. Michael over at Flight Pundit has a story of a miraculous landing by a pilot who lost a propellor in mid-flight and made it safely back to the airport. Good job by the pilot!

Jenn over at Bitch Slapping Liberals has a caption request for a picture, go join in the fun.

Sweetness and Light has a piece about Shrillary Clinton
and some far fetched claims. If you support Shrillary...tell me why...please, I want to know.

American and Proud has a piece about a british blogger who faces jail time for telling the truth. This piece enrages me to no end.

The American Dinosaur has some information on where the Presidential candidates stand on the 2nd amendment. Interesting stuff, thanks for the info!

Mikes America breaks down the results in Iowa. Interesting reading.

The Bookworm Room speaks to the law of unintended consequences regarding the mandatory phase out of incandescent bulbs by 2012. I think this is going to go the way of MTBE...anyone remember that fiasco? Socialists are pushing their agenda on us folks...I wonder if Al Gore holds stakes in either light bulbs or mercury?

From the Abusurd Report, the politcal quote of the day: "There’s been a lot of hand-wringing over the spectacle of presidential candidates campaigning during the Christmas season thanks to the front-loaded primary schedule. But I like it. It provides a nice reminder of how unimportant politics really are… In short, the grandeur of the season diminishes all of the candidates because it reminds us of the smallness of their trade.” —Jonah Goldberg INDEED

Just for fun, you want to see a lunatic moonbat in action? Check out meathead, he claims to be "thinking meat" but is instead another socialist hate monger who trolls other blogs to try and drum up hits on his page. Go over and have some fun with this angry Bush hater.

Curt over at Flopping Aces has reaction from the NH debate and Fred Thoms
pon. He follows up with a summary cartoon on the Democrat side...lol

Jay over at Stop the ACLU has a piece on The True Conservative Choice
. I am still asking the question....where in the hell did Huckabee come from? At the last minute the MSM started giving him major props...could it be because he is a liberal Republican who .. if he wins the nomination .. will be soundly defeated by a dhimmicrap? Think about that and let it sink in.

The Conservative Intelligence Report has commentary on General Petraeus
. Good stuff!

From the Blue Collar Republican, the GOP has dropped FOX news. Interesting that Fox is doing this, they rode to a high popularity by being a conservative choice news outlet, now they are cowtowing (SP?) to the liberal agenda. FOX is forgetting its roots, and that will be its demise unless they hitch their pants up and get to work.

No word since just after Christmas from the Sheepdogs Blog. Hope he is ok!

Also no update from Jenns Journey as a Conservative lately either.

Flanders Fields has an interesting and informative post which I like to call, Globalism for Dummies. He lays it out with the aid of another site plain and simple.

Reformed Chicks Blabbing has an interesting video from a Frank Lutz focus group regarding Clinton Vs Obama. I think the people there hit the nail on the head regarding Shrillary in every possible way. Take a look, and tell me your opinion.

A Cool Change has a heart warming story of a 91-year old man and his dog Buddy. Choked me up, go read it.

From Hollys Fight for Justice, we have a story of a retrial that is likely to happen. THANK GOD. The judge in the original trial banned the word "rape" which is boopkiss. Call it what it is for goodness sakes. BTW, if you or anyone you know is the victim of a violent crime or sexual assault, I STRONGLY recommend this site!

From Psycmeisters Ice Palace, Fred Thompson was the victim of false rumors started by the Mitt Romney campaign. The very valid question is asked, "Why the dirty tricks, Mitt? Are you afraid of running on the substance of your convictions and ideas?"

Stuck on Stupid has a poll up, go VOTE!

Caos blog has an update from Move America Forward and some pics on her blog ... Lets pray for them! Interesting that the meathead never posts on the good stuff in her blog, only arguing her other posts...could it be that the moonbat is anti-america? NAH.

And last but certainly not the least, we have Freedom Folks! Its been a slow week somewhat at their blog, so mosey over and peruse the articles.

So that is it, its what others are saying. What can you say? Lets get behind Fred Thompson and rally him to victory shall we?



Friday, January 04, 2008

Pet Peeves

(1) Vandalism. My town is fraught with vandalism. It got worse over the holiday break due to the kids being out of school. Many people in Bisbee consider it "art". Whatever. It's disgusting, especially when it's your property that was hit. Luckily today, it wasn't my property, but was city property. How is that lucky, you ask? Because I actually witnessed it! Yes folks, I saw the vandal in action as I was driving my son to the park. Did I do something? You betcha! I pulled over, got out my cell phone and dialed 911!! Woo hoo! The police arrived quickly and caught the man walking away from the scene. I am so happy he was caught! Of course, he threatened me, but who cares? I'm sure it was a hollow threat, especially since he's now in jail. Ha!

(2) Ambulance Chasers. I may not like Britney Spears, but when I read an article today that the paparazzi were chasing the ambulance she was in and then banged on the doors once it arrived at the hospital, I was a little upset. Please, people! Do you folks not have lives? Besides, last time I checked, ambulance chasing was a crime. Will these folks be arrested?

What's your pet peeve?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I support the death penalty...BUT

Its things like this that make me hesitate to fully support it, while this story does not involve someone who got off death row, its not such a stretch to make the connection and doubt that all people on death row are guilty:

From Yahoo News

Texas man freed after 26 years in prison

By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 47 minutes ago

DALLAS - Three times during his nearly 27 years in prison, Charles Chatman went before a parole board and refused to admit he was a rapist. His steadfastness was vindicated Thursday, when a judge released him because of new DNA evidence showing he indeed wasn't. The release of Chatman, 47, added to Dallas County's nationally unmatched number of wrongfully convicted inmates.

"Every time I'd go to parole, they'd want a description of the crime or my version of the crime," Chatman said. "I don't have a version of the crime. I never committed the crime. I never will admit to doing this crime that I know I didn't do."

District Judge John Creuzot, whom defense lawyers credited with shepherding Chatman's case for exoneration through the legal system, recommended that Texas' Court of Criminal Appeals find Chatman not guilty. With several relatives dabbing at their eyes with tissues and cheering, Chatman was released.

"I really can't tell you how I feel," said his aunt, Ethel Barley. "But I can tell you it is a different feeling than I have had in a long time, just to be holding his own hand."

Before the crime is officially cleared from Chatman's record, the appeals court must accept the recommendation or the governor must grant a pardon. Either step is considered a formality after Creuzot's ruling.

Chatman became the 15th inmate from Dallas County since 2001 to be freed by DNA testing. He served more time than any of the other inmates, four of whom were in court Thursday to show their support.

Dallas has freed more inmates after DNA testing than any other county nationwide,
said Natalie Roetzel of the Innocence Project of Texas. Texas leads the country in prisoners freed by DNA testing, releasing at least 30 wrongfully convicted inmates since 2001, according to the Innocence Project.

One of the biggest reasons for the large number of exonerations is the crime lab used by Dallas County, which accounts for about half the state's DNA cases. Unlike many jurisdictions, the lab used by police and prosecutors retains biological evidence, meaning DNA testing is a viable option for decades-old crimes.

District Attorney Craig Watkins also attributes the exonerations to a past culture of overly aggressive prosecutors seeking convictions at any cost
. Watkins has started a program in which law students, supervised by the Innocence Project of Texas, are reviewing about 450 cases in which convicts have requested DNA testing to prove their innocence.

"It is time we stop kidding ourselves in believing that what happened in Dallas is somehow unique," said Jeff Blackburn, the founder of the Innocence Project of Texas. "What happened in Dallas is common. This is Texas."

The hearing attracted a standing-room-only crowd that included Watkins, who was greeted warmly by two wrongly convicted Dallas men who have since won their freedom. Also there was state Rep. Terri Hodge, a member of the criminal jurisprudence committee, who promised unspecified reforms when the Legislature convenes in 2009.

Chatman was 20 when the victim, a young woman in her 20s, picked him from a lineup.
Chatman said he lived five houses down from the victim for 13 years but never knew her.

She identified him in court as the attacker, and serology tests showed that the type of blood found at the crime scene matched that of Chatman — along with 40 percent of other black males.

Chatman said he was working at the time of the assault, an alibi supported by his sister, who was also his employer. Nevertheless, Chatman was convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 1981 and sentenced to 99 years in prison.

Chatman said he believes his race led to his arrest and conviction.
The jury, he said, had one black member.

"I was convicted because a black man committed a crime against a white woman," Chatman said. "And I was available."

Chatman said he wants to work with the Innocence Project of Texas to support other people exonerated or wrongly convicted.

"I believe that there are hundreds, and I know of two or three personally that very well could be sitting in this seat if they had the support and they had the backing that I have," Chatman said. "My No. 1 interest is trying to help people who have been in the situation I am in."


Ok, so here we have it. I agree with this guy on most points.

There are WAY too many people in prison who are being found innocent with DNA evidence. Its great that they are and are being released, but at what price?

An extreme example is this guy, he spent 20+ years in prison for a crime he didnt commit. Blame for this can be placed DIRECTLY on the victim in mis-identifying the freak of nature that did this to her. Her mistake cost this man a good portion of his life, and he is left to pick up the pieces.

Over zealous prosecution is ruining peoples lives, and its time it stop. Dont think there is this problem? One need only look as far as the duke LaCrosse team rap case.

My thoughts are really jumbled today, I am sick as a dog, got some kind of cold from hell or something. I will post more on my conclusions and reasoning later, meanwhile, comments are appreciated.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Flanders Fields: Woman Stops Vandalizing Youths and is Arrested

Flanders Fields: Woman Stops Vandalizing Youths and is Arrested

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Idiotic Liberal Quote of the Year- 2007

It has taken me a while to get this out here because I've been busy, but it had to be printed here.

Do you guys all remember the posts a few weeks back about the protestors at Ft. Huachuca, AZ? They believe torture is taught on post. Article Here.
Well, one of the idiots who met with the BN CDR to discuss the issue (I can't remember her name) said the following as she was being arrested for tresspassing:

"I believe obtaining information from anyone in any way is torture."

I just have to say, "Huh?" So, if I ask how you are doing, I have just tortured you. Think about it.

Have a great New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!

Happy New years everyone, I hope that 2008 holds blessings for all of my readers and co-authors.

From Stop the ACLU, we have Warner Todd Houstons predictions for 2008, some of which just made me bust out laughing:

Here are a few of my predictions for 2008:

1. If either Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani are the GOP nominee, the Democrats will easily win the White House because the conservatives will stay home in droves.
2. If Ron Paul and Michael Bloomberg run as independents… the Dems still win because Paul will siphon off more GOP voters than Bloomberg will siphon from the Dems. But if Paul stays out and Bloomberg runs, his entrance just might cut in favor of the GOP candidate. Neither Paul nor Bloomberg can win on their own, of course.
3. Rosie O'Donnell will get even fatter in 2008.
4. Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf will be assassinated.
5. The GOP will continue to fight the good fight against the Dem Congress making great headway and setting themselves up for some excellent wins in 2010.
6. Britney Spears will go into rehab. She will be photographed having a pillow fight there with Lindsay Lohan.
7. Neither the Chicago Bulls, the Cubs, the White Sox, nor the Bears will win much of anything.
8. Speaking of Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley will be involved in a scandal that he claims not to know anything about.
9. Kieth Olberman will have a brain aneurism… if he does, indeed, have a brain, that is.
10. Rush Limbaugh will say he is right about something or another, probably in his first show of the New Year.
11. Hillary Clinton will say someone is out to get her. But, it won't be Bill because he hasn't been interested in her for about 20 something years.
12. And I will make some liberal somewhere mad. A lot. Repeatedly.

OK most of those aren't out too far on a limb, but I never said I was any Sylvia Brown. Or maybe I am better than that because her prediction record is really, really horrible.

Now, what are YOUR predictions?

Happy New Year, y'all.


I have my own given prediction...the idiot libtards at DailyKos will continue to post nonsensical lies twisted to suit their own communist driven agenda.

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