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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday morning thises and thatses

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was filled with friends, family, love and fellowship. I had my fill of turkey...and then some.

I woke up this morning actually chilled...had to get up and turn on the heater, first time in a while. Now, here I sit at my desk, warm coffee in front of me, room warming and getting me prepared to start a bright new day.

I was lazy yesterday, just lounged around and read blogs. I ran across an entry which can NOT be missed over at Mikes America where he breaks down Islamofacism and its threat to the world if we dont speak up. Conservatives lend themselves to be a silent majority, and as I posted in his comments, "The peacenicks are loud, boisterous, aggressive and have the media in the palm of their hand. As long as they are the only ones who are this way, the stuffed shirts in Washington will perceive this to be the reality of the American opinion." I cant help but think of the BMW commercial when I say this, you know the slogan, Perception is not always reality.

Here is a vid he posted on his blog:

Go to his blog and read the rest, then follow the links for the additional video. It will chill you to the bone.

You got to love this guy at CNN (Communist News Network) He is a lone voice in the wilderness screaming out common sense. After you read Mikes Americas blog, come back here and watch this vid:

See the child? PURE hate for jews, this is what we are dealing with folks, and the leftists and media are not helping the matter, they are just enabling the elements to be laid down in rapid fashion.

I have said it before and I will say it now, again, WAKE UP AMERICA, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?


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